All Pro Cleaning Systems Uses PRO-Techs Revolutionary Technology to Protect Businesses


All Pro Cleaning Systems makes commercial cleaning services for businesses and facility maintenance services simple for any industry. Our preventative disinfection services help keep your space safe and your employees healthier. We offer hospital-grade disinfecting agents for preventative disinfection; general cleaning services; green cleaning techniques, equipment, and chemicals; electrostatic disinfecting spray for killing the COVID-19 […]

Commercial Cleaning Services with All Pro Cleaning Systems Keeps Your Workspace Healthier


All Pro Cleaning Systems provides commercial cleaning services for every industry. We promote cleaning for health, and we take commercial disinfection services to the next level. Our team of professional commercial cleaners will make sure your space is clean and disinfected, and safe for occupancy.  The revenue of commercial cleaning services in the U.S. reached […]

Why Hire a Cleaning Service? All Pro Cleaning Systems is the Cleaner, Greener Choice


All Pro Cleaning Systems is a full-service commercial cleaning company. We provide services to commercial, industrial, institutional, municipal, laboratory, and retail facilities throughout the U.S. We offer general maintenance cleaning, specific requests (like floor stripping), and everything in between. If you’re looking to keep your business sanitized and your employees healthy, stop wondering, why hire […]

All Pro Cleaning Systems: 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Services Brand


All Pro Cleaning Systems offers quality cleaning, facility services, and maintenance management, making us your all-encompassing facility maintenance solution for the long haul. The founders of All Pro Cleaning Systems have 50-plus years of experience. We’re an established commercial cleaning brand with thorough processes that put our clients’ needs first. We’ve provided our cleaning services […]

2021 Trend Forecast for Commercial Office Cleaning Companies

One industry expected to do well in 2021 is the cleaning industry. Commercial office cleaning companies are definitely more in demand as companies continue to discover and recognize the importance of clean and sanitary environments for employees.  Some of the trends we will see in 2021 are the continued focus on green cleaning, increased sanitization […]

Why Hire a Professional Office Cleaning Service?

If you’re looking for professional office cleaning services, and aren’t sure what to look for, All Pro Cleaning Systems is your answer. We have locations all across the nation, and today we are helping hundreds of business owners by meeting their cleaning objectives. Learn more about what makes All Pro Cleaning Systems great and why […]

Our Time-Saving Full-Service Cleaning Services for Commercial Spaces

It’s incredibly important to keep up with janitorial cleaning tasks, but time flies in the corporate world, and there are pressing matters to attend to. Disinfecting your desk probably isn’t one of them. Now more than ever, we’re learning of the dangers of germs, bacteria, and viruses — so it might be time to change […]

Not All Commercial Disinfection Services Are Equal

As stores, offices, and restaurants start to reopen, how we change our cleaning methods will be important to address. Your employees will want to know that their health is being looked out for, which is why many business owners have already taken action by relying on All Pro Cleaning Systems’ commercial disinfection services. Let’s take […]