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3 Benefits of Hiring All Pro Cleaning Systems’ COVID-19 Commercial Disinfection Services

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While many businesses and schools have started to reopen, we need to remember that the COVID-19 pandemic is still upon us — and if some of us are trying to find that sweet spot between preparation and paranoia, All Pro Cleaning Systems believes when it comes to cleaning for health, you can never be too safe. Our commercial disinfection services have helped countless business owners breathe easier, knowing their staff and visitors are safe from the dangers of COVID-19. And now, we want to help you! Let’s take a look at the benefits of hiring All Pro Cleaning Systems to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your facility.

1. Effective Disinfection 

Prior to COVID-19, how often did you disinfect your space? It’s unfortunate that it took a global pandemic for many of us to open our eyes to the importance of regular cleaning, but now is a great time to change old habits to prevent the spread of this highly-contagious virus. All Pro Cleaning Systems cleaning services for businesses can be the best way to improve your current cleaning approach — our disinfecting team employs hospital-grade chemicals for safe and effective disinfection. The electrostatic spraying technology we utilize quickly covers all your surfaces with disinfectant solutions, so that you can worry less about the spread of disease.

2. Prioritizing Your Employees’ Peace of Mind

Over the past few months, society has been operating under strict social guidelines, and as we turn the corner, it might be difficult for some to work within the new normal. Employers, restaurant owners, and superintendents of schools will all be taking on the new challenge of keeping people safe and comfortable in the facilities they’re responsible for and that they used to enter without thinking twice. 

By hiring All Pro Cleaning Systems, people will understand that you prioritize their health and happiness by making sure your space is free of the COVID-19 virus. Our solutions and technology all adhere to EPA and CDC guidelines, and we’re always keeping an eye out for changes that may be happening in our industry. Not to mention, our team is professionally trained and will take a diligent approach to all of your commercial disinfection service needs. 

3. Customized Cleaning Services for Businesses of All Types

In the 26 years that All Pro Cleaning Systems has been in business, we’ve quickly learned that no two situations are the same. We always want to do right by our clients, so we’ll take a customized approach to your cleaning needs and always treat you like you’re one-of-a-kind. Our cleaning services for businesses are tailored to fit any of our clients’ unique needs. All Pro Cleaning Systems brings you a comprehensive suite of cleaning and facility maintenance services, and you can count on our team to be your single resource, without having to hire multiple contractors to do the job of one. Below are some of the facilities our team has helped in the past, and if you don’t see your industry listed, contact us today — we may be able to assist you, too!

  • Offices
  • Commercial real estate
  • Apartment buildings 
  • Manufacturers
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial buildings
  • Municipal buildings
  • Airports
  • Medical offices
  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Universities & colleges
  • Religious facilities
  • Country clubs
  • Health clubs
  • Retailers
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants 

If you’re interested in All Pro Cleaning Systems’ commercial disinfection services, contact us today! We can schedule a time to walk through your property and give you a quote!

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