Preventative Disinfection Services for Your Health


Using hospital grade chemicals for safe and effective disinfection.

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COVID-19, has brought the importance of preventative disinfection into clear focus. People around the world are being especially vigilant in taking measures like disinfecting their workspace, washing their hands, and being careful not to touch surfaces unless it’s necessary. At All Pro Cleaning Systems, the importance of quality commercial disinfection is always on our minds. We don’t just keep businesses neat and tidy, we also work to keep them clean and free from harmful viruses.

"All Pro's disinfection services made me feel comfortable bringing my employees back to the office in a clean environment."

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All Pro Cleaning Systems Takes Commercial disinfection Services to the Next level

All Pro promotes cleaning for health, so we take things a step further than emptying wastebaskets and sweeping floors. Our teams use disinfecting products where people place their hands to reduce the likelihood of spreading contagious diseases. They also use HEPA/ULPA-filtered vacuums that remove more dirt, thus improving your indoor air quality.
Furthermore, we’re serious about green cleaning, and utilize non-toxic and eco-friendly products and techniques whenever possible, improving your air quality even more. These techniques (like separating dirty and clean mop water) ensure that germs are destroyed, not just moved around.

Make a Customized Plan for Your Business

Every business is different, which is why All Pro Cleaning Systems works with clients to develop a customized plan that suits their unique needs. We offer a comprehensive suite of cleaning and facility maintenance services, so you can count on our team to be your single resource to keep your property clean and safe. Whether it’s pest control, handyman services, or window washing, All Pro Cleaning Systems virtually does it all. 
All Pro Cleaning Systems’ antiviral disinfection services can improve the cleanliness of your business. The wide range of other janitorial and maintenance services make us your single source to keep things running smoothly. If you’re looking for ways to keep your business germ-free, upgrading your commercial disinfection services with All Pro Cleaning Systems might be just the solution you’ve been looking for.

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