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2021 Trend Forecast for Commercial Office Cleaning Companies

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One industry expected to do well in 2021 is the cleaning industry. Commercial office cleaning companies are definitely more in demand as companies continue to discover and recognize the importance of clean and sanitary environments for employees. 

Some of the trends we will see in 2021 are the continued focus on green cleaning, increased sanitization due to COVID 19, and an increased focus on customized cleaning for different types of businesses. When researching your options, it’s of importance to consider these trends as you read about different commercial office cleaning companies. Read on to see why All Pro Cleaning Systems is an industry leader when it comes to staying on top of cleaning trends. 

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning has been steadily trending over the last several years, and its popularity is still rising.  Whether it’s protecting vulnerable populations from toxic cleaning chemicals or protecting our environment, we at All Pro Cleaning Systems pride ourselves in researching and using the most effective and current green products, equipment, and techniques. 

Because we prefer to use techniques and equipment that use less water and less electricity, the utility savings are passed on to our clients. Not all commercial office cleaning companies are committed to green cleaning, which makes All Pro Cleaning Systems a smart choice for employers who are passionate about doing their part to ensure the health and well-being of their employees, clients, and the environment.

COVID-19 Conscious Cleaning

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, disinfection and sanitization practices have come under scrutiny. When looking to hire commercial office cleaning companies for their buildings and offices, business owners have become more focused now more than ever on making sure their employees and customers stay healthy and safe. Sick employees and clients can damage business and reputation. 

All Pro Cleaning Systems is committed to using the latest techniques, products, and equipment to fight illness-causing viruses and bacteria in our clients’ facilities. We offer cleaning services customized to your business’ unique cleaning needs.

Customized Cleaning

While some commercial office cleaning companies may take a cookie-cutter approach to cleaning different business facilities, All Pro Cleaning Systems tailors our services to fit your needs. We have experience cleaning within a multitude of different industries, such as office buildings, healthcare offices, and exam rooms, manufacturing facilities, schools, retail stores, and more

We recognize that each business is distinct and may require customized protocols and targeted areas when cleaning, which is why we’ve put together some effective custom cleaning programs for our extensive and diverse range of clientele. 

Another way in which we tailor our services to our clients is by providing expert facility maintenance in addition to our cleaning services. We offer these services hand-in-hand so that you only have to deal with one provider and no additional contractors for routine maintenance tasks. 

Now that you have learned more about how All Pro Cleaning Systems can help you reach your 2021 goal for a clean, safe, and healthy business facility, contact us to get a free quote!

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