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All Pro Cleaning Systems Uses PRO-Techs Revolutionary Technology to Protect Businesses

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All Pro Cleaning Systems makes commercial cleaning services for businesses and facility maintenance services simple for any industry. Our preventative disinfection services help keep your space safe and your employees healthier. We offer hospital-grade disinfecting agents for preventative disinfection; general cleaning services; green cleaning techniques, equipment, and chemicals; electrostatic disinfecting spray for killing the COVID-19 virus; and facility maintenances services. 

All Pro recently partnered with PRO-Techs to utilize their revolutionary non-migrating antimicrobial technology in addition to the cleaning services for businesses we currently offer. The 90-day protection program reassures clients that our revolutionary cleaning services are the solution to getting back to normal work and life.

Our Partnership with PRO-Techs

PRO-Techs is unique in that it works 24/7 for 90 days to prevent the growth of a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, algae, yeast, and viruses. It is 99.9% effective on a wide variety of surfaces, and as a green cleaner, is registered under the EPA for safe and effective use. The EPA has also given PRO-Techs Food Contact Surface Approval as the most effective germ control application available for the food services industry (animal farms, food processing, food preparation, and restaurant industry).

All Pro Cleaning Systems is excited to add this technology to our commitment to quality.

Non-Migrating Antimicrobial Technology

PRO-Techs is both bio-static (inhibits) and bio-cidal (kills), thanks to its unique water-stable organosilane molecular structure and patented compounds that are composed of three parts:

  • Silane base. This compound anchors and triggers the covalent bonding functionality that allows PRO-Techs to adhere to most surfaces and textiles. This gives PRO-Techs resultant durability that does not leach or become mobile.
  • Carbon chains. These vertically-aligned 18-carbon chain beds act like micro-swords that puncture and impale microbe cell membranes, resulting in cell death.
  • Positively-charged nitrogen atoms. Microorganisms carry a negative charge in their cell membranes. When attracted to the positive nitrogen charge of the PRO-Techs shield, the result is electrocution at the molecular level, exploding the microbe and resulting in definitive cell death. The process continues to work indefinitely at full strength as there is no transfer of energy with electrical kill method, and electrocution precludes an environment for mutant (adaptive) or superbug (antibiotic-resistant) pathogens.

The technology that PRO-Techs uses might sound a little like science fiction, but in reality, it has been used safely and effectively in cleaning services for businesses for more than 40 years. Here are some other distinct characteristics of PRO-Techs:

  • Patented antimicrobial nanotechnology
  • Green
  • Water-based
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-leeching
  • Non-irritating
  • Odorless
  • Colorless
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-polluting
  • Non-allergenic
  • Safe for kids and pets

If you’re looking for safe and effective cleaning services for businesses, consider All Pro Cleaning Systems and their use of PRO-Techs to keep your employees and clients healthy.

Interested in learning more about how All Pro Cleaning Systems cleaning services for businesses can help you? Contact us today!

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