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How Outsourcing Commercial Cleaning Can Save Your Company Money

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How Outsourcing Commercial Cleaning Can Save Your Company Money

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Outsourcing is a way to get work done more efficiently and at a lower cost. When companies do it, they generally outsource tertiary services that are not part of the organization’s core. Take commercial cleaning. All Pro exists because companies outsource their business and industrial cleaning to us. They save money in the process.

Saving money by outsourcing commercial cleaning might seem a bit of a stretch. After all, anybody can clean, right? Think again. Commercial cleaning requires a tremendous amount of skill, knowledge, and experience. Not doing it right could mean both unhappy customers and a lack of legal compliance.

Cleaning Costs Money

There is no escaping the fact that keeping your facility clean costs money. Whether you clean in-house or outsource it to a company like ours, a certain amount of your annual budget must be devoted to cleaning. Outsourcing generally means less stress on your budget. There are numerous reasons explaining why:

1. Lower Labor Costs

Maintaining an in-house cleaning crew means paying salaries and benefits. It means spending money to keep up with employee churn. It even means higher unemployment and worker’s compensation rates.

Outsourcing to a commercial cleaning company eliminates all the financial obligations that come with hiring your own staff. The cleaning company handles hiring and firing. It handles churn, employee training, salaries, and benefits. You are simply paying for service. When all is said and done, you will ultimately pay less.

2. Supplies and Equipment

You cannot clean an office building, retail business, or industrial complex without supplies and equipment. They also cost money. But think about how companies buy the equipment and supplies they need to provide their core products and services. They get better pricing because they buy in volume.

You could get wholesale pricing on your cleaning supplies and equipment. But a commercial cleaning company can get better prices still. Why? Because they buy in volume. Cleaning supplies and equipment are essential to their core services. They buy more, and they buy it for less. You ultimately end up paying less through a service even though the costs of procurement are passed on.

3. Service Customization

Yet another cost-effective benefit of outsourcing commercial cleaning is the ability to customize. You can get exactly what you need on a schedule that fits your company best. That way, you are not spending money on cleaning that you don’t need. A commercial cleaning company is the most qualified to help you come up with a cost-effective strategy and schedule.

The Economics of Scale Play a Role

What this really boils down to is something known as the economics of scale. Whatever your company does, whatever its core products or services, you have the scale of industry behind you. That’s why you’re able to offer your products or services cheaper than other companies who might dabble in the same things you do without specializing in them. Commercial cleaning is no different.

A company that does nothing but clean commercial spaces has access to cheaper equipment and supplies. They employ teams of professional cleaners who know how to do the job right. They have the ability to customize cleaning schedules and strategies to maximize every dollar their clients spend.

That is how you save money by outsourcing. You let a company that specializes in cleaning do it for you. They do it better, they do it cheaper, and they do it right. Everybody wins.

So, how does your company handle cleaning? If you are still doing it in-house, perhaps you’re ready to consider outsourcing to a commercial cleaning company like All Pro Cleaning.

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