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Facility Management: When Hiring a Cleaning Service Makes Sense

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When Hiring a Cleaning Service Make Sense

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Facility management companies make their money by managing industrial and commercial properties on behalf of their owners. A typical facility management provider can handle nearly every aspect of maintenance, repair, and property administration. But there are times when outsourcing some tasks makes sense. Hiring a cleaning service is a prime example.

As a leading provider of office, business, and industrial cleaning services, All Pro is happy to work with facility management companies who would prefer to outsource some of their cleaning rather than handle it themselves. The million-dollar question is this: why would a facility management company not handle all its cleaning in-house?

There are numerous scenarios under which hiring a professional cleaning service makes sense. Here are just a few examples:

Managing Payroll Costs

Hiring and maintaining a staff is costly. Typical payroll costs go well beyond weekly salaries and overtime pay. They also include payroll taxes, benefits, and the actual costs of administering payroll. There are times when facility management companies outsource some or all their cleaning in order to better manage payroll costs.

Imagine a facility management company that manages mostly large properties requiring a small army of cleaning staff at each one. Yet that same company has a handful of smaller properties that can be cleaned by just two or three people each. It might be more cost effective to outsource those few properties to a commercial cleaning company than hire the extra staff to handle the work.

Cleaning Public Spaces

We have considerable experience with this next scenario: being hired to clean public spaces only. This sort of thing is common for facility management companies that operate apartment buildings. Maintenance staff handle things like lawncare and landscaping, pool maintenance, apartment repairs and prep, and so forth. They contract out the task of keeping public spaces clean.

Public spaces would include things like clubhouses, recreational halls, apartment building hallways and landings, rental office restrooms, and the like. There is too much cleaning to leave it to the maintenance staff but not enough to warrant hiring additional employees.

Specialized Cleaning Requirements

Another scenario for which hiring professional cleaning services would make sense is managing properties requiring specialized cleaning. A local medical office building is the perfect example. Think something like a primary care office or a diagnostic testing facility.

Healthcare facilities, regardless of their size and mission scope, require specialized cleaning designed to minimize the risk of spreading infectious disease. A facility management company brought in to manage multiple medical properties may not have the knowledge or experience to handle this type of cleaning. On the other hand, a professional cleaning service with medical facility experience can do the job right.

A similar scenario might exist in an industrial environment. Certain types of industries require specialized cleaning that goes above and beyond mopping floors, emptying the trash, and tidying up offices. Cleaning requires unique skills and specialized tools and equipment. It might be too much for a facility management company to get into.

Affordable Cleaning Done Right

The bottom line is that facility management companies are not always in the best position to provide daily and weekly cleaning. Whether it is a payroll management decision or a way to get around a lack of knowledge and experience, hiring a professional cleaning service translates into affordable cleaning done right.

If you are part of a facility management company looking to outsource some or all your cleaning, we urge you to contact All Pro today. We have the tools, the knowledge, and the training to handle virtually all your commercial cleaning needs.

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