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When the Cleaning Company Doesn’t Understand Your Office

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When the Cleaning Company Doesn_t Understand Your Office

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Office cleaning is just like any other business. There are some in the industry that do a better job than others. There are even some office cleaning services that do such a bad job their clients are forced to wonder what they actually do with their time. Then there are those cleaning services that just don’t understand the office environment. In either case, it is not good for you.

Do you feel like your office cleaning service is just phoning it in? If so, it could be that the crew doesn’t understand your office environment. It wouldn’t be the first time. To illustrate the point, let’s use the example of the call center. The last thing call center management wants is an office cleaning service that merely phones it in.

Dense Employee Populations

Call centers are known for disproportionately large employee population densities. In short, you have a lot of employees packed into a very small space. Other types of offices where most employees work in cubicles have similar populations. That’s not a bad thing from an overhead perspective. But the fact is that people make messes. They generate dirt.

A single person can create quite a mess on his own. When that single person becomes a hundred or more, the dirt problem is multiplied exponentially. This is perhaps the biggest issue for office cleaning services. Cleaning crews work in groups of 3 or 4. They are not used to being densely packed together with dozens of other employees. They may have trouble truly appreciating just how much dirt a densely packed office creates.

The more employees you have packed into a limited area, the more:

  • trash they generate
  • clutter they accumulate
  • disorganization they create
  • dirt they track in from outside.

It is simple math. More people equals more dirt. It equals more trash, more clutter, and more potential for everything from spills to leaks and broken stuff.

A Narrow Cleaning Window

Call centers are type of office environment in which the window for cleaning can be rather tight. It might not be true for all types of offices, especially those only occupied for 8-10 hours per day. But your typical call center is staffed around the clock. So when does office cleaning actually occur?

You might have a call center with a full staff for the first and second shifts but half as many employees during the third shift. In such a scenario, the best time to handle office cleaning is overnight. Whatever space isn’t being occupied by workers can be cleaned. But if all three shifts are fully staffed, cleaners might have to work alongside call center employees. That can make cleaning a bit of a challenge.

Timing is everything in the office cleaning game. Cleaning crews need to make the most of a limited amount of time to do what they do. That means they need to know what to look for, how to clean as quickly and effectively as possible, and how to get it all done before workers start showing up for their shifts.

More Complicated than It Seems

We have been at this long enough to know that office cleaning is more complicated than it seems. Perhaps that’s why so many office cleaning services are thriving in the U.S. Offices of all sizes and types require both routine and deep cleaning. What’s more, they need it done right.

Is your company in need of reliable office cleaning services? If so, All Pro is here to help. Let’s get together and create a cleaning plan that will keep your office humming right along.

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