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Commercial Cleaning Services: How to Toe the Budgetary Line

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Commercial Cleaning Services How to Toe the Budgetary Line

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Things are tough right now. Companies are struggling with their financial resources at a time when prices seem to be going up with no end in sight. If your company contracts a professional office, industrial, or business cleaning, we encourage you to not jump the gun and axe your services for budgetary reasons. It is possible to toe the budgetary line while still maintaining professional cleaning.

Having to toe the line is necessary when revenues are tight. The good news is that the economy will eventually turn around. It always does. These things are cyclical. So over the next 12 months or so, here are some things you and your cleaning provider can do to keep costs under control while still maintaining professional cleaning services:

Assess Your Current Services

One of the first things we recommend to companies struggling with their cleaning expenses is to sit down and assess the services they currently pay for. Believe it or not, a thorough assessment might reveal duplicate services. You might be paying your cleaning provider to do something that your staff is already doing. No need for that, right?

You might also find that the cleaning schedule you and your provider came up with a couple of years ago no longer fits the way your team works. For instance, perhaps some of your workers are now mainly remote. You have fewer people in the office on a day-to-day basis. Does the office need to be cleaned as frequently?

Assess What You’re Paying for Supplies

Another area to assess is your cleaning supplies. What types of cleaning solutions and equipment does your provider utilize? Is it possible to go with less expensive supplies? Are there ways to stretch your cleaning chemicals further without compromising quality or effectiveness?

The idea here is not to skimp or cut corners. Rather, assessing what you are paying for supplies and equipment can help reveal inefficiencies. It can help reveal things you might be paying too much for. There is nothing wrong with taking a good look at supplies and equipment to make sure you are being as efficient as possible with your financial resources.

Consider Task Sharing

In terms of the actual tasks that you are paying your provider to do, consider a task-sharing arrangement. For example, you might have a nightly cleaning crew coming in to clean your restaurant. However, Mondays and Tuesdays tend to be particularly slow in the restaurant industry. Maybe you could have your staff handle cleaning on those two nights so that your provider only comes in Wednesday through Sunday.

Another thought is to have your own staff handle restrooms, the break room, and office spaces. Your service provider would handle common areas and the warehouse. A task-sharing arrangement allows you to leave the most critical cleaning tasks to your service provider while shifting less critical tasks to your staff.

Contact Us for an Estimate

If you believe your current cleaning provider does not offer enough value for money or is just too expensive altogether, we invite you to contact All Pro for an estimate. We will take a look at all your cleaning needs and then propose a schedule and price. We are confident we can work out an arrangement that meets your needs and budget.

Unfortunately, it is necessary to toe the line with a company’s budget under tight economic conditions. We understand that your company might be in such a position right now. But it’s possible to more tightly control finances without giving up on professional cleaning services. We would be happy to show you how.

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