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How to Better Manage Cleaning Costs During Tough Economic Times

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How to Better Manage Cleaning Costs During Tough Economic Times

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It is no secret that companies have been dealing with tough economic times in recent years. Inflation has been the biggest problem, pushing up prices on nearly everything. Companies find themselves having to cut costs as best they can in order to maintain their margins. And unfortunately, cleaning is one area that is easy to cut.

As a company that has been involved in business and commercial cleaning for many years, we understand the temptation to manage cleaning costs by cutting services. But we also know that giving less attention to cleaning has a domino effect that far too many companies do not see until a lack of proper cleaning creates bigger problems.

We think a better way to go is finding ways to efficiently manage cleaning costs without reducing the effectiveness of the cleaning strategy. A thorough assessment of how a business is cleaned could reveal better ways to clean while spending less money doing so.

Reassess Cleaning Schedules

One of the first things we recommend is reassessing cleaning schedules. For example, consider an office environment where large numbers of employees work in a vast space divided by cubicles. It might not be necessary to do a thorough cleaning five nights a week. Instead, cleaning three times weekly while asking employees to spot clean their cubicles on the other two days could be just as effective.

Reducing the cleaning schedule for some areas of a facility, when practical, allows cleaning crews to devote more time and attention to more critical tasks. The facility maintains a high level of cleanliness without having to add more tasks and expenses.

Evaluate Cleaning Supplies

Evaluating cleaning supplies is another smart thing to do. It is not uncommon for organizations to find and stick with the same types of cleaning solutions and equipment for years, never considering the fact that price fluctuations could have a significant impact on the bottom line.

A favorite cleaning solution that represented a good financial value years ago may not be so cost effective today. Maybe the price has gone up but the quality has not. Perhaps it’s best to shop around for a new solution that does a better job at an equal or lower price.

How companies source their cleaning products also makes a difference. Believe it or not, it really does pay to shop around. It also pays to buy in bulk if a company has the means to do so. Bulk pricing is often significantly better than retail.

Encourage Collaborative Cleaning

Yet another means of reducing cleaning costs during tough financial times is encouraging collaborative cleaning. What is collaborative cleaning? It is essentially a cooperative effort between cleaning crews and the main workforce to stay ahead of cleaning so that fewer deep cleans are necessary.

We often hear that employees should work smarter rather than harder. If they work with an eye on being cleaner, neither they nor cleaning crews need to work so hard at cleaning up afterward. In essence, collaborative cleaning is a mindset that encourages everyone to pitch in to cover the little things so that the need for major cleaning is kept to a minimum.

All Pro Cleaning Systems Is Here to Help

There is no way for us to know how your organization handles business cleaning or what your cleaning needs might be. But we are here to help with quality, professional, and proven cleaning services we believe are competitively priced. If you are looking to better manage cleaning costs without sacrificing quality, reach out to All Pro Cleaning Systems. Let us come up with an affordable solution that works for you.

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