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Controlling First Impressions: Another Way To Look At Cleaning

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Controlling First Impressions Another Way To Look At Cleaning

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We have been in the commercial cleaning industry for a long time. We can tell you that there is no one reason that clients sign on with us. There are as many reasons as there are businesses in need of professional cleaning services. One of them is a desire to control first impressions.

If you have never thought of business cleaning in such terms, you now have another way of looking at it. The cleanliness of your facility contributes a great deal to the first impressions visitors have of your business. Of course you want to control those first impressions.

Professional Restaurant Cleaning

One of the most effective examples for illustrating how cleaning affects first impressions is restaurant cleaning. It goes without saying that people are particular about the restaurant environments they choose to dine in. Dirty restaurants do not get as much business as their spotlessly clean counterparts.

Imagine diners walking into a restaurant and seeing a dirty vestibule. The floor hasn’t been mopped in a while, there is dust on the windowsills, and the glass on the display case is covered with smudges. What is the first impression? You never know for sure, but it’s probably not a good one.

Things are made worse when diners are seated at tables with a thin film covering them. They are made uneasy by dirty silverware. And if there are crumbs and stains on the floor, that could be the end of any hope for a positive first impression.

We have purposely gone overboard in our description to make the point. Understand that what’s true in the restaurant industry is true in just about every other industry. Visitors expect to see clean and tidy spaces when they step into a business for the first time. If they find a dirty mess, that positive first impression is shattered.

Apartment Complex Janitorial Services

The restaurant example illustrates perfectly why businesses need to make an effort to keep things clean and tidy. But let us step away from the retail environment and look at something a bit different: the typical apartment complex.

Apartment rental is as much a business as food service. The difference is the customers. An apartment building’s customers are its residents. Each resident is responsible for cleaning their own space. As for common areas, they are the landlord’s responsibility.

Some landlords maintain a staff to handle cleaning and maintenance. Others hire property management companies to do the work for them. Either way, residents have a reasonable expectation that common spaces will be kept clean and tidy. When that doesn’t happen, they have every reason to suspect their landlord’s commitment to health and safety.

The State of Cleanliness Says A Lot

The bottom line is that the state of cleanliness says a lot about a facility and its owners. Cleaning is such a basic and rudimentary thing. It is something we all know needs to be done despite the fact that some property owners give it more attention than others.

Your business, regardless of the industry in which you are involved, presents a first impression every time there is an interaction with a customer or vendor. When interactions involve physical visits to your facility, cleanliness plays a crucial role. Your company can better control first impressions by making cleanliness a priority.

We understand that keeping your facility clean and tidy is often easier said than done. But that is why All Pro Cleaning Systems exists. We handle all sorts of industrial, business, and office cleaning so that our customers don’t have to. We do the work so that you can control those first impressions.

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