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Why It’s Best to Hire A Service to Clean Controlled Environments

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Why It_s Best to Hire A Service to Clean Controlled Environments

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Cleaning services like ours are used to handling controlled environments. Whether it is industrial cleaning or keeping a highly sensitive manufacturing environment clean, a professional cleaning service should have the skills, knowledge, and tools to do things the right way. So much so that even facility management companies often hire professionals to handle controlled environments.

All Pro doesn’t handle all controlled areas – for instance, we do not clean in hospitals – but we can handle most of them. If your current cleaning crew isn’t properly addressing the controlled environments on your property, we might be able to help.

More About Controlled Environments

Controlled environments are sometimes referred to in our business as critical environments. We prefer the term ‘controlled’ because it more accurately describes why the area in question needs specialized cleaning. Conditions are such that they need to be kept under control at all times. You cannot afford haphazard cleaning practices or things get out of control very quickly.

A good example is a clean room at an industrial plant. Another example would be the inspection room in a manufacturing environment. Not only do these two types of rooms have to be kept clean, but they also need to be cleaned in such a way as to not impact the work done in them.

Cleaning can become especially challenging when you are dealing with sensitive equipment. That’s often the case in controlled environments. For example, consider the inspection department in a tool and die plant. Highly specialized electronic equipment is used to conduct testing that could be as accurate as a few microns. Not being cognizant of that equipment during the cleaning process can cause real problems.

Understanding Your Cleaning Solutions

Another thing about controlled environments is that you need to be incredibly careful about your cleaning solutions. Not every solution is appropriate for every surface. In addition, some types of chemicals can never be introduced into a given controlled environment because of what goes on in that environment.

Businesses that operate controlled environments need to have confidence in their commercial cleaning services. The same goes for facility management companies. If they cannot trust a cleaning service to make the right choices in their controlled environments, they have a problem. It can be a serious problem if control is not maintained.

It Starts With Understanding the Environment

We operate on the principle that effectively cleaning controlled environments starts with understanding the environment to be cleaned. We want to know everything that happens in the space. We want to know what measures the client takes to control the environment. We need to know what could happen if we do not clean in a certain way.

The more we know about the environment we are cleaning, the better able we are to control that environment as we work in it. But if we don’t know, there is little we can do to keep things under control. So we ask our clients to be transparent. We ask them to be upfront about everything, so that we can know exactly what we are getting into.

Mistakes Are Not an Option

Whether you call them critical or controlled environments, you have environments within your business space that need to be cleaned in certain ways. Mistakes are not an option. We get it. Cleaning controlled environments requires precision and care. It requires the right choices in everything from cleaning solutions to methodologies.
Cleaning controlled areas haphazardly only leads to problems. But cleaning them with as much precision and care as the employees who work in them leads to very good things.

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