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5 Basic Tasks Every Cleaning Crew Should Do Daily

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Whether a company pays for commercial cleaning services or handles cleaning in-house, staying ahead of the game means not letting things pile up. There are basic cleaning tasks that crews should be doing on a daily basis. Keeping up with daily tasks limits the need to deep clean as frequently or thoroughly.

As a professional cleaning service, we understand that every situation is unique. Different types of businesses need different levels of cleaning. Company owners and managers have their own preferences. Therefore, cleaning crews need to be flexible and adaptable. But there are still those basic tasks that deserve daily attention. Here are five of them:

1. Trash Removal

The most basic business cleaning task is removing trash. It should be done on a daily basis. Trash should be removed in order to prevent pests, foul odors, mold growth, etc. If you are not sure why, just step back and think about what workers sometimes throw in the trash.

It would be one thing if office trash cans were paper receptacles only. But that’s not reality. Unfortunately, liquids end up in trash cans far too often. So does uneaten food. Leaving trash in cans overnight just leads to messy consequences. Leave trash cans over the weekend and you have a big problem on Monday morning.

Trash removal includes clearing any and all trash from break rooms and restrooms. Wherever there are trash cans, you have the potential for problems. Every can should be emptied after business hours.

2. Sweep and Vacuum Floors

Sweeping and vacuuming floors is another daily task that really shouldn’t be ignored. Even when dirt cannot be seen with the naked eye, it’s there. The idea behind sweeping and vacuuming every day is to prevent that dirt from being embedded in the floor surface. Embedded dirt is harder to get out.

Hard-surface floors can be swept with a push broom or addressed with a commercial dust mop. Obviously, carpets should be vacuumed. The good news in this regard is that most commercial carpets don’t feature heavy naps. A good industrial vacuum cleaner can suck up most of the surface dirt in short order.

3. Clean the Restrooms

Cleaning the restrooms is absolutely a daily task. Depending on the circumstances at a given facility, it might be a task requiring attention multiple times per day. The one thing to remember with restroom cleaning is that hygiene and sanitation are priorities. For that reason, a deep cleaning is advisable on a daily basis. Intermittent cleanings throughout the day can be surface cleanings.

4. Clean the Break Room

Break rooms are another area of concern in terms of hygiene and sanitation. The good news is that they aren’t as problematic as restrooms. A cleaning crew might get away with surface cleaning on most days, having to only do a deep clean at the end of the week. Either way, cleaning the break room includes addressing countertops, tables and chairs, coffee machines, refrigerators, sinks, etc. The floor should be swept as well.

5. Surface Clean Public Spaces

Finally, public spaces frequented by employees and visitors should be surface cleaned. For example, smudges on the glass entryway door should be addressed. The welcome mat should be swept, vacuumed, or shaken outside. Any clutter found in public walkways should be removed and properly stored.

Most non-industrial and non-hospitality businesses only require deep cleaning on a weekly or biweekly basis. Keeping up with daily cleaning tasks is generally enough. Whether your company has its own cleaning crew or pays for commercial cleaning services, make sure the basic tasks are being done every day.

 If you’d like to know more about how commercial cleaning services can benefit your company, contact us at your earliest convenience.

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