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Tools and Techniques: The 2 Keys to Sparkling Clean Windows

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Tools and Techniques The 2 Keys to Sparkling Clean Windows

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Windows are the bane of existence for so many business owners and office cleaning services. Cleaning crews can spend in an inordinate amount of time on windows only to discover, under the full light of day, that streaks and dirt remain. No doubt window cleaning can be a frustrating experience.

We would like to let you in on a little secret: tools and techniques are the two keys to sparkling clean windows. Think about it. You need the right tools to do the job. You also need the proper techniques to go with those tools. If you have both, you also have the ability to produce sparkling clean windows every time.

The Right Tools for the Job

How many people clean their windows at home with a paper towel and an off-the-shelf window cleaner? Such a casual approach might be good enough at home, but it is not suitable for industrial and business cleaning. Whether windows are handled in-house or left to facility management companies and professional cleaners, paper towel and a cheap cleaning solution don’t cut it.

You need the right tools for the job. Those tools include:

  • utility bucket
  • window scraper
  • sponges
  • squeegee
  • rags
  • microfiber cloth.

If you are cleaning windows at height, you also need a way to reach them. As for the cleaning solution, it should be a commercial grade product capable of addressing the toughest dirt and grime. Most commercial cleaning services use a concentrated solution diluted with water. A solution can be used full strength when warranted.

You Need the Right Technique

Obtaining the right tools is the easy part. Any company that sells commercial cleaning supplies will have what you need. The harder part is learning the technique. It is fairly simple in theory, yet it often takes a lot of practice to master.

Cleaning a window starts by applying a liberal amount of cleaning solution using a sponge or some other applicator. During this process, you are paying attention to any dirt and debris that doesn’t come loose by itself. This is where the scraper comes in handy. You use it to dislodge whatever sticks to the window.

Once all the persistent dirt and debris is loosened, the next step is to apply the squeegee to remove all the dirt, debris, and cleaning solution. This is where good technique really makes a difference.

Leave No Streaks Behind

Professional business cleaning services use squeegees instead of paper towel and rags so that they do not leave streaks behind. There is a trick to this. You start by positioning the squeegee in the upper left corner (if you are right handed; start in the upper right corner if you are left handed).

Applying gentle but consistent pressure, run the squeegee across the window in a horizontal motion. Just before you reach the edge, turn the  squeegee down and rotate it so that you can complete a second pass in the opposite direction. The trick is to avoid breaking contact between squeegee and window until you get to the bottom.

If you do have to break contact, use a rag to wipe the squeegee dry before you start your next pass. After the entire window is squeegeed, use your microfiber cloth to wipe away any excess cleaning solution along the edges and bottom of the window. You can also use the cloth to wipe clean any spots you may have missed with the squeegee.

Cleaning windows looks pretty easy. But being fast and thorough requires practice. Combining practice with the right tools and techniques is gold in the window cleaning business.

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