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Strategies for Ensuring Consistent Performance From Your Cleaners

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Strategies for Ensuring Consistent Performance From Your Cleaners

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Over the years, we have been given many opportunities to step in when other business and industrial cleaning providers are not getting the job done. One of the things we pride ourselves on at All Pro Cleaning Systems is consistent performance. But it doesn’t come by accident. We have developed strategies and tools specifically to ensure that our performance is both satisfactory and consistent.

If your current cleaning vendor is not meeting expectations, perhaps you are considering looking for a new vendor when the contract expires. We hope you will consider All Pro Cleaning Systems. We offer cleaning services for a variety of commercial and business environments including industrial spaces, office is, manufacturing environments, private schools, and more.

In the meantime, here are some strategies for ensuring consistent performance from your current cleaning provider:

1. Regular Facility Inspections

One of the most effective ways to promote consistency is to ensure that cleaning company management actually seized the fruits of their employees’ labors. And the best way to do that is to insist on regular facility inspections. Work with cleaning company management to establish an inspection schedule. Once the schedule is set up, stick with it.

Members of both management teams should walk through the facility together. Both deficiencies and areas of strong performance should be pointed out and recorded. The goal is to create a big picture analysis of how well cleaning crews are performing. Do this on a regular basis and you should notice more consistent performance over the long hall.

2. Establish Cleaning KPIs

Businesses rely on a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure company financials. Why not apply the same principle to commercial cleaning? Establish cleaning KPIs and then track them with meaningful data points. Examples of cleaning KPIs include:

  • the visual cleanliness of facility floors.
  • how sanitary restrooms appear to be.
  • how frequently trash cans are emptied.

Establishing and monitoring cleaning KPIs creates a big picture view of what cleaning crews are doing on a daily basis. A poor KPI in one particular area indicates a need for improvement. Strong KPIs across the entire cleaning landscape means crews are performing up to par.

3. Review Schedules

Sometimes, a lack of consistent performance is due to poor scheduling. A crew might be spending too much time on certain tasks and not enough on others. Therefore, it is a good idea to regularly review schedules so as to compare them with actual needs. Always remember that schedules are made to be modified. If cleaning schedules remain static for years on end, something is not right.

4. Review Contingency Plans

Hand-in-hand with schedule reviews are reviews of an organization’s contingency plans. Such plans are necessary because things go wrong. In a cleaning scenario, you might have a situation in which a vendor has to rely on a skeleton crew in order to contain costs. But if just one member of the crew calls out sick, all the scheduled cleaning tasks for that day might not get done. Are there contingency plans in place to correct the deficiency?

A Final Word About Consistency

Consistency problems are not limited to cleaning companies. Any vendor a business needs to deal with can create challenges if consistency isn’t there. What is unique about cleaning is that a lack of consistent performance leads to compounding issues that can jeopardize health and safety.

Your company cannot afford inconsistent performance from the cleaning crew. Hopefully, the tips offered in this post give you a framework for ensuring greater consistency from your vendor. Should you decide to look for a new cleaning provider, All Pro Cleaning Systems is standing by.

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