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What Are Your Priorities for Private School Cleaning?

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What Are Your Priorities for Private School Cleaning

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Private schools are among the many types of buildings we clean. They are unique in so many ways, not the least of which is the young people who occupy school spaces during the day. If you operate a private school, how do you handle cleaning? A business cleaning service could be a good option if your maintenance staff doesn’t have the time or resources to keep up.

So, what are your priorities for private school cleaning? Whatever they are, be sure to communicate them to the cleaning staff. Whether you handle cleaning in-house or hire a business cleaning service, you want to make sure that their work meets your expectations.

The Restrooms

One of the higher priorities we frequently see with private schools is clean restrooms. It is obvious why. Restrooms are always a challenge in non-residential environments. They get so much use by so many different people that they take a tremendous beating. There is also the added need for disinfecting.

Public restrooms definitely need consistent surface cleaning. But you can’t stop there. For health reasons, hygiene must be a priority. And that means thorough disinfecting on a regular basis. Cleaning services that don’t include disinfecting aren’t doing right by students or teachers.

The Classrooms

Clean classrooms are usually a priority for teachers. They may not be a priority for administrators, which is why teachers are sometimes left to take care of their own rooms. Yet commercial cleaning companies can clean classrooms just as easily as the rest of the building.

A clean classroom is more conducive to learning. It is better for student and teacher health. Clean classrooms can even reduce the risk of accidents, like slip-and-fall incidents that cause so many injuries. Needless to say that there are plenty of valid reasons to make clean classrooms a priority.

The Lunch Room

Whether a private school has a full cafeteria or a small lunchroom, keeping it clean is probably a priority. Next to bathrooms, cafeterias and lunchrooms pose the greatest risk in terms of sanitation and hygiene. Wherever you have children and food, you have the risk of messes. Cleaning up those messes gives the kids a fresh space the next day.

The Floors

For a lot of private schools, the floors are a huge priority. No surprises there. Dozens, or even hundreds of students, moving throughout the building track in a lot of dirt. But that’s not all. Sneakers and rubber-soled boots leave scuff marks. Heels can leave scratches. Carelessness can mean spilled beverages and stains from all sorts of unidentified substances.

Fortunately, tiled floors are pretty easy to clean and maintain. Carpets, not so much. One way or the other, a private school needs a cleaning crew capable of effectively cleaning and maintaining floors. Otherwise, things can get dicey.

The Administrative Areas

Private schools have their administrative areas just like public schools. You are talking about the school office, guidance counselor offices, the principal’s office, and even the nurse’s office. These types of spaces tend to get dirty less quickly, but they still get dirty, nonetheless.

A private school with a library has another space in need of regular cleaning. And of course, don’t forget the gymnasium and locker rooms. They can’t be ignored, either.

If you operate a private school, we’re willing to bet you have certain cleaning priorities. We encourage you to consider bringing in a commercial cleaning provider if your maintenance staff is having trouble keeping up. Commercial cleaning should get the job done while giving you peace of mind. You will have one less thing to worry about, too.

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