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News Flash: Workers and Visitors Really Don’t Want to Get Sick

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Does your company make use of professional office cleaning services? If not, we’d like to offer you a reason to consider making a change: your workers and the guests who visit your business really don’t want to get sick. They prove it every year in the run-up to the annual holiday travel season.

Getting sick is a concern year-round. But according to a recently conducted poll among 2,000 people likely to travel for the holidays, concerns are amplified in the weeks leading up to departure. The poll reveals that people take extra measures to prevent getting sick prior to travel. And when they do travel, they are very picky about sanitation and hygiene in everything from hotel accommodations to restaurant environments.

Some Interesting Poll Results

If you are not sure what any of this has to do with professional office cleaning services, sit tight. We’ll look at some of the most interesting poll findings before explaining how they relate to cleaning services. Let’s start with the most important result of all: 56% of the respondents said that travel makes them feel dirtier.

In terms of ensuring the cleanliness of their accommodations:

  • 74% look for stains on the sheets
  • 70% look for soap scum in the shower
  • 64% look for dust and fingerprints
  • 57% look for dirty cups.

It should be no surprise that 82% of the respondents said they are more comfortable with accommodations when the service provider has a clear and consistent cleaning program. If travelers know that their hotel rooms are cleaned daily, they are more likely to have a favorable opinion of that facility.

What It Means for Your Business

The survey also revealed that nearly half of the respondents take extra precautions to avoid getting sick before travel. They do things like washing their hands with soap and water up to six times per day. They regularly use hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes. Most important of all, people trying to prevent pre-travel sickness take these extra precautions for up to two weeks before departure.

How many of those people visit your business during that two-week period? How many of them do you actually employ? As you think about that, the cleanliness of your company’s work spaces probably affects worker and guest perceptions a little bit more during the holiday season. Again, people just don’t want to get sick.

Professional Cleaning Is Deep Cleaning

The link to professional cleaning services is ultimately the depth at which cleaning takes place. Simply put, professional cleaning is deep cleaning. Companies like ours are extremely good at what we do because deep cleaning is all we do. It is our specialty.

Professional office cleaning services can be as deep as you want them to be. But if you’re looking for the type of clean designed to help prevent sickness among employees and guests, you cannot settle for carpet vacuuming and emptying the trash. You need to look at cleaning every surface in every room your employees and guests utilize.

Deep cleaning is about more than dirt. It’s also about hygiene and sanitation. Professional office cleaning services place a heavy emphasis on both. The idea is to eliminate germs; it is to clean deeply enough that a space doesn’t continue attracting germs after the fact.
The data is clear. Employees and visitors don’t really want to get sick. There is nothing you can do to help them stay healthy at home or while traveling, but you can help them inside your own facilities. Consider professional office cleaning services that go deep enough to address sanitation and hygiene. Your employees and visitors will surely appreciate it.

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