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More Companies Want Green Cleaning Services – Here’s Why

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More Companies Want Green Cleaning Services Here's Why

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Commercial cleaning services have been available in this country for decades. Over the years, cleaning strategies and methodologies have changed. So have the chemicals and cleaning solutions our industry has relied on. These days, we are finding that more companies want green cleaning services. We’re good with that.

People are becoming more aware of how human activity impacts the planet. We are becoming more aware of the need for sustainability as well as the non-sustainable mistakes of the past. We want to change them. One way to do so is to change the way we clean. Employing green cleaning practices contributes to a better planet and a more sustainable future.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

Green cleaning involves three components, the first of which is environmentally friendly cleaning products. Let’s face it, some of the cleaning products our industry has used in the past are harmful to the environment. Why continue using them if more environmentally friendly alternatives are available?

Traditional cleaning products often contain harsh chemicals. These are chemicals that can harm both humans and animals. They can certainly upset the delicate ecosystems. And in commercial settings, the chemicals can also pollute water and air.

Green cleaning products are designed to be different. They are made with biodegradable and natural ingredients that pose little to no risk to the environment. They tend to be free of carcinogens, toxins, and other harmful things. As long as they can do the job, it makes sense to use them.

Cleaning Equipment and Methods

The other two components of green cleaning involve equipment and methods. Like cleaning products, cleaning equipment and methods can have a detrimental impact on both humans and the surrounding environment. It is best to avoid them.

A green cleaning mindset puts safety first. It recognizes that humans, animals, and ecosystems are more fragile than they appear. When supported by environmentally friendly equipment and methods, the mindset maximizes cleaning while simultaneously minimizing potential harm.

The Daily Experience of Green Cleaning

The benefits of green cleaning actually go beyond just sustainability and environmental friendliness. Commercial cleaning services that utilize green products, equipment, and methods also enjoy individual benefits on a daily basis. For example:

1. Better Air Quality

Traditional commercial cleaning practices can result in harmful chemicals in the air. Anyone who has inadvertently mixed ammonia and chlorine knows the scoop. Green cleaning mitigates this risk and leads to better air quality.

Above and beyond inadvertently mixing dangerous chemicals is the reality that cleaning solutions can contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that linger in the air for some time. Get rid of those VOCs and you have better air for everyone to breathe.

2. Better Overall Safety

Exposure to hazardous chemicals creates a safety hazard no matter how careful workers are. Commercial cleaning services go to great lengths to train employees in hopes of mitigating safety risks as much as possible. But go green and safety is much less of a concern. The green mindset improves safety by minimizing danger.

3. A Better Reputation

Commercial cleaning services are now offering green cleaning services. In doing so, they are improving their own reputations among both existing and potential customers. A good reputation in this business is nothing to sneeze at. It is like gold.

So where does your company stand? Would you prefer that your commercial cleaning contractor utilize green cleaning practices? Green cleaning is more important to a lot of organizations these days. If it is important to you and your staff, you have every right to seek out a cleaning contractor capable of going green on your behalf.

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