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How to Proactively Help Employees Stay Healthy This Winter

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How to Proactively Help Employees Stay Healthy This Winter

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As this post is being written, we are half-way through October. That means winter is on the doorstep. It will not be long before temperatures plummet and the snow starts to fly. Even in warmer southern climates, winter is defined by a noticeable change in the weather. Unfortunately, it is also defined by common colds, the flu, and other illnesses.

As a business owner or manager, we suspect you want to proactively help your employees stay healthy this winter. We want to help as well. To that end, we have put together a list of suggestions we hope you will consider. As a commercial cleaning service provider, we are as interested in promoting a healthy workplace as you are.

1. Keep Up With The Cleaning

One of the most important things businesses can do is keep up with their regular cleaning. All types of commercial spaces need regular cleaning – including office buildings, retail stores, medical offices, industrial spaces, and on and on. A clean work environment tends to be a healthier environment as well.

Pay special attention to restrooms and break rooms. They are harbingers of the types of germs that make people sick during the winter. We recommend regular surface cleaning with disinfectants and sanitizers. Deep cleaning on a consistent schedule is also a good idea.

2. Encourage Regular Hand Washing

An excellent complement to regular cleaning is encouraging regular hand washing among employees. According to the CDC, “handwashing is one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family from getting sick.” It certainly applies in the workplace.

Encourage employees to wash their hands whenever they use the restroom. Encourage them to wash their hands before they go into the break room for lunch or a cup of coffee. Regular hand washing should involve:

  • using running water.
  • lathering up with soap.
  • scrubbing for at least 20 seconds.
  • rinsing and drying.

Clean hands can reduce the spread of germs. They can reduce the chances of catching the common cold or something more serious. Best of all, regular hand washing is one of the easiest things a person can do to prevent winter illnesses. Make sure your employees know that.

3. Encourage Sick Workers to Stay Home

Sick employees who come to work bring their germs with them. So even though it may be counterintuitive to ask workers to stay home when they are ill, it is really the best move. Staying home eliminates the chances of a sick person spreading their germs to coworkers.

The one caveat with this particular suggestion is understanding that there is no way to prevent 100% of all workplace illnesses. Viruses travel in the air. So even if every sick employee stayed home until they were well, there is no guarantee that illness won’t sweep through your office anyway. Encouraging sick employees to take time off doesn’t fully prevent illness, it just reduces the chances.

4. Encourage Personal Tidiness

Finally, encourage your employees to keep their own workspaces clean and tidy. Just as with regular office cleaning, personal tidiness reduces the chances of spreading germs by creating an environment in which germs find it difficult to proliferate. Clean and tidy workspaces tend to be healthier workspaces.

All Pro cannot do much to help you with hand washing and encouraging sick employees to stay home. But we can help with business cleaning services. It is critical to employee health that you maintain a clean and hygienic work environment. If you are struggling to do that, let us do it for you. Contact us right away for a no obligation quote.

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