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How to Achieve Better Cleaning During Cold and Flu Season

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How to Achieve Better Cleaning During Cold and Flu Season

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As a company that specializes in commercial cleaning services, we take our responsibility for creating a clean and sanitary environment seriously. Whether it is office, business, or industrial cleaning, we are particularly careful during the annual cold and flu season. We think it is important to be extra diligent this time of year.

Although cold and flu season can differ by geography, it tends to run from mid-autumn until late winter. That means we need to be extra careful from Halloween through Easter, just to maximize both ends of the spectrum. The question is this: how? How does a company achieve better cleaning during the cold and flu season?

Focus on Traffic and Touch

The key to achieving better cleaning during cold and flu season is rooted in two words: traffic and touch. High traffic areas are more likely to be exposed to the types of germs that can easily spread and make people sick. So all high traffic areas should get extra attention during cold and flu season. Where touch is concerned, think about surfaces that people make physical contact with on a regular basis.

There is one particular kind of space on your property that qualifies as a high traffic, high touch space: the restrooms. Unfortunately, restrooms are a double whammy when it comes to spreading germs. But there is also the break room to consider. And in the conference room, you have that big table that team members are always resting their hands and arms on.

Everything from doorknobs and light switches to the office copier should be considered high touch surfaces. They are even more so if they are found in high traffic areas. Focus on these high traffic, high touch areas for disinfecting purposes.

Disinfection Stops Germs

Disinfection is what helps stop the spread of germs during cold and flu season. But it is not accomplished simply by wiping down surfaces with a damp cloth. Rather, the cleaning crew should use a disinfecting solution or a product like alcohol wipes.

The good news is that there are green products that are effective as disinfectants. These are products that do not contain harsh chemicals that could lead to problems of their own. And in terms of sensitive electronic equipment, special disinfectants are also available. Needless to say that the cleaning crew has plenty of choices.

Deep Clean Common Areas

In our experience as a commercial cleaning service, we have observed that most companies maintain a regular schedule for deep cleaning. Unlike daily cleaning, deep cleaning tends to occur every few months or so. One of our key tips in this regard is to schedule deep cleaning for common areas during the cold and flu season.

Deep cleaning differs depending on the space you are working with. You are typically looking at cleaning and disinfecting every visible surface as well as getting into corners, cleaning behind doors, getting underneath the furniture, and thoroughly cleaning the floor.

Address the HVAC System

Note that the HVAC system is easy to overlook in terms of regular cleaning. Your typical HVAC system only gets cleaned once or twice per year. But consider disinfecting it at least once during the cold and flu season. Also note that this is a job for professionals. An improperly cleaned HVAC system can actually cause serious problems.

Whether you handle office cleaning in-house or contract with a cleaning service, this is the time of year to be extra diligent about sanitizing and disinfecting. If we all work a little harder during cold and flu season, we can keep the germs from taking over our spaces.

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