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Commercial Floor Cleaners: Simple But Still Sophisticated

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Commercial Floor Cleaners Simple But Still Sophisticated

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Here at All Pro Cleaning Systems, cleaning is our thing. We love everything about commercial cleaning services. We even love the equipment we get to use every single day. Take the commercial floor cleaner. Whether you call it a floor scrubber or just a cleaning machine, it is an amazing piece of equipment. It is both simple and sophisticated at the same time.

Commercial floor cleaners are simple in principle. The job they do is really just an automated version of mopping the floor, with a little scrubbing mixed in. Yet the machines are very sophisticated in their design. They need to be in order to provide consistently good results day after day, week after week.

If there is one thing commercial cleaning services and facility management companies know about floor cleaners, it’s this: you really do get what you pay for. A floor cleaner is one piece of equipment that is worth investing in. The more you spend, the more you get.

A Very Simple Concept

Commercial floor cleaners are designed around a quite simple concept. It is the same concept that defines how to properly mop a floor with a wet string mop. Here it is – to get a dirty floor clean, you need to wet it and agitate the surface to loosen dirt. Then you need to pick up both the dirt and cleaning solution. That is exactly what a commercial floor cleaner does.

A commercial floor cleaner has five main components:

  1. Water Tank – A water tank holds a mixture of water and cleaning solution. The contents of the tank may or may not be treated, depending on the model of machine.
  1. Spray Head – A spray head delivers the water and cleaning solution directly to the floor.
  1. Scrub Brushes – Numerous scrub brushes make contact with the floor as they rotate. They spread the cleaning solution evenly across the floor and simultaneously loosen dirt as they rotate.
  1. Vacuum – A vacuum follows behind the scrub brushes to suck up both dirt and liquid.
  1. Waste Tank – Finally, all the dirt and liquid sucked up by the vacuum is stored in a waste tank for later disposal.

That is pretty much it in terms of design and function. There is nothing extremely complicated about a commercial floor cleaner from an engineering standpoint. As long as a floor cleaner is in good working condition, it does an excellent job of delivering clean floors with every use.

Where the Sophistication Comes In

At this point, you might be wondering where the sophistication part comes in. It turns out the sophistication isn’t in the machine, but the person using it. A commercial floor cleaner is a tool best used in the hands of an experienced operator. Like any other tool, it works best when it is controlled by someone who knows how to use it.

An experienced cleaning professional knows enough to prepare the area before getting to work. Preparations include moving or removing furniture, removing clutter, and either sweeping or running a dust mop over the floor. The goal of preparing the area is two-fold: to clear it of anything that could interfere with the machine and make the machine’s work easier by removing already loose dirt and debris.

When it comes time to actually starting to clean, an experienced professional will take it slow. He or she will work in a concise pattern to maximize cleaning. When all is said and done, the floor will be spotless and shiny. Thanks to commercial floor cleaners, this is something our clients experience regularly. It is an experience we genuinely love to give them.

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