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Business Cleaning: How About Your Facility’s Exterior?

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Business Cleaning_ How About Your Facility's Exterior

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Your organization invests in high-quality cleaning services because you know the importance of having a clean and sanitary work environment. You also want the place to look good for visitors. That’s great. But what about your facility’s exterior? Does it get equal attention?

A lot of what goes into maintaining a property’s exterior is handled by landscaping and paving contractors. But there are certain tasks best left to cleaning professionals. We’re thinking power washing and window cleaning. Any cleaning company offering customized cleaning plans should be able to address these two things.

Routine Power Washing

Also known as pressure washing, power washing utilizes a combination of pressurized water and an outdoor friendly cleaning solution to clean concrete pavers, parking lots, and even structures. The beauty of power washing is that it doesn’t take as long as some other types of outdoor tasks.

Power washing cleans away:

  • animal droppings
  • discarded chewing gum
  • rust and corrosion
  • glues, sealants, and similar substances
  • oil and other automotive fluids
  • industrial fluids and chemicals
  • paints, inks, and other staining substances.

A lot of companies routinely power wash the walkways leading up to their buildings. Once every few months is about normal, while putting parking lots and building exteriors on a six or 12-month schedule is more common.

Washing the Windows

The windows on a commercial building can be washed separately or included in a power washing strategy. We recommend keeping them separate for two reasons. First, pressure washing can damage windows and seals. Why take that chance? Second, windows tend to need more frequent cleaning. Weekly or biweekly is the norm.

Washing the windows on a single story building is pretty straightforward. An experienced window washer can complete the job in short order. If you are looking at a two- or three-story building, window washing gets a little more difficult. Higher than that and you’re probably looking at hiring a company that does nothing but windows.

It’s All About the Image

Exterior cleaning can reduce the need for major repairs and upgrades just by helping keep things in good condition. But more importantly, exterior cleaning is about the image your property projects. And by the way, the image isn’t important just for visitors. It matters to employees and vendors as well.

Your goal should be to present a professional image at every turn. As far as your property is concerned, it should always be kept clean and in good condition. Otherwise, you are going to have a tough time impressing guests. You’ll have a challenging time convincing vendors to do business with you and potential workers to fill out applications.

Curb Appeal Matters in Business

If it helps, think about exterior cleaning in terms of curb appeal. We are all familiar with curb appeal in the residential housing market. The more attractive a home is from the street, the faster it sells and the higher bids it receives. A similar principle holds true in the business sector.

Your company has only one chance to make a good first impression. When that first impression is the result of what visitors see from the street, you don’t want them seeing a rundown building that looks like it hasn’t been cleaned in years. You want them to see a clean and shiny property that’s kept in tip-top shape.
You have interior cleaning down. The inside of your building looks as clean and bright as it ever has. That’s fantastic. Our hat is off to your cleaning crew. But what about the exterior? Don’t ignore exterior cleaning. It makes an enormous difference in the image your organization projects.

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