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6 Tips to Vacuuming Offices Effectively and Efficiently

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6 Tips to Vacuuming Offices Effectively and Efficiently

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Vacuuming office spaces seems so easy on the surface. But as with most things in the office cleaning realm, doing it effectively and efficiently isn’t so easy. Office spaces include lots of furniture and accouterments to work around. Office carpets can be subject to dirt and stains ground into their very fibers.

As a company specializing in office cleaning services, we have seen it all. We’ve seen spaces that are very difficult to vacuum and others that are pretty simple. But with every job, we utilize a series of strategies designed to maximize our efforts to deliver the results customers expect.

Just to give you an idea of what we do, here are six tips to vacuuming offices effectively and efficiently:

1. Get Rid of the Clutter

It’s a given that clutter gets in the way of vacuuming. Clutter is as big a problem in an office setting as it is at home. But it is also a given that people are less likely to move clutter out of the way once they start vacuuming. It is too much effort to stop and start again. So how do you get around this issue? Get rid of the clutter before vacuuming begins.

Take a minute to clear the floor of any obstructions. Pick up trash cans and put them on desktops. If there are any large pieces of trash, like cardboard boxes, dispose of them first.

2. Work Outward Instead of Inward

For some reason, there is a tendency to begin vacuuming just inside the door while working your way to the farthest corner of the space. Change it up. Do the exact opposite. Start in the farthest corner and work outward. That way, you will not be tracking your shoes and the vacuum over space you have already cleaned.

3. Vacuum in Multiple Directions

Carpets are a lot like lawns in how they react to traffic patterns. In other words, some spots on the carpet will be lower than others. The best way to overcome this issue is to vacuum in multiple directions.

Choose one wall and vacuum parallel to it. Then change direction and go perpendicular. Finally, run a couple of passes diagonally. Vacuuming in multiple directions takes a little more effort. However, you will suck up the most dirt this way.

4. Know Your Attachments

Both residential and commercial vacuums come with a number of different attachments. There’s a reason for this. As any cleaning service can tell you, attachments have specific purposes. Get to know your attachments and what they were designed to do.

You will need a brush role attachment for your carpets. Even commercial carpets with a very fine knap will retain too much dirt if you attempt to vacuum with a hard floor attachment.

5. Give Edges and Corners Their Due

Speaking of attachments, commercial vacuums almost always come with crevice tool attachments designed to clean edges and corners. Use this attachment regularly. In other words, give corners and edges their due. They tend to accumulate more dirt because they are harder to get to. But that’s what you have the attachment for.

6. Don’t Let the Dustbin Get Too Full

Finally, pay attention to the dustbin. Do not let it get too full. A full dustbin will not accept any more dirt. If you keep vacuuming with a full bin, you’ll simply be pushing dirt around the floor. It won’t actually get sucked up.

Vacuuming office spaces isn’t always as easy as it looks. Hire a professional office cleaning service and you won’t have to worry about it again. For our money, that’s the best option.

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