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You Can Clear Away Clutter, Or You Can Really Clean

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You Can Clear Away Clutter, Or You Can Really Clean

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What is the end goal when crews come in to clean a commercial building? As a leading commercial cleaning service, we ask ourselves this question all the time. Our reasoning is simple: we do not want to merely come in and clear away clutter. We want to really, truly clean the space at hand. But to do so effectively, we need to define what it means to be really clean.

‘Really clean’ to some people could mean feeling clean to the touch. To others it could mean clean enough that you cannot see any dirt with the naked eye. In some environments, like healthcare, ‘really clean’ also includes being free from germs, airborne pathogens, etc.

A cleaning crew needs to account for so many variables in every job. Although things can differ considerably from one space to the next, one thing is abundantly clear: clearing away clutter is just that. Cleaning is something else entirely.

Preventing Workplace Illnesses

One of the primary motivations for getting spaces really clean is preventing workplace illnesses. A cleaning crew should not leave behind anything that could contribute to such illness. Unfortunately, it is easier said than done. So many things can cause workplace illnesses that cleaning companies may have a challenging time identifying them all.

Regardless, workplace illnesses are a real problem. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), private employers reported approximately 460,700 work related illnesses in 2022. That represents a 26.1% increase over the year before. Leading the charge were respiratory illnesses, with some 365,000 reported.

Respiratory illnesses can be caused by breathing in germs and airborne pathogens. But they can also be the result of touching a contaminated surface and then touching any area of the face around the mouth or nose. The thing is that you cannot always see evidence of the germs and pathogens that cause such illnesses.

It is a Safety Thing, Too

Making sure a space is really clean is also a safety issue. Think of an industrial building – perhaps a tool and die plant where CNC machines and lathes are spewing out metal particles and cooling fluid.

Germs and airborne pathogens are not so much of an issue in this kind of environment. But slip-and-fall accidents are. Cooling fluid can leave a thin film on the floor, a film that is not easy to see with the naked eye. Yet it is slippery enough to send even the most sure-footed worker into an uncontrolled fall.

Another type of industrial environment could be susceptible to airborne chemicals that can harm the lungs, eyes, and so forth. Any chemical residue left on surfaces can cause problems when workers come in contact with them. It is the cleaning crew’s responsibility to make sure those surfaces are cleaned so that neither contact nor airborne particles are an issue.

Doing Whatever It Takes

It should be obvious that cleaning crews can either clear away clutter or dig deep and really clean. You can probably guess which we prefer. We take the position that doing whatever it takes to get a space truly clean is worth doing. It is worth doing for the health and safety of every employee and visitor who will use the space after we are gone.

If you already contract with a commercial cleaning service, does your service merely clean away clutter? We would be happy to design a cleaning program that gets your space truly clean. Contact us to learn more and get a no-obligation quote. Anyone can clear away clutter. We clean, and we do it really well.

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