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Why Residential and Commercial Cleaning Are Incompatible

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Why Residential and Commercial Cleaning Are Incompatible

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The cleaning industry is dominated by two types of service providers: residential and commercial cleaners. As a business owner, you might assume that commercial cleaning is just residential cleaning supported by more expensive cleaning solutions and equipment. But it’s not. Residential and commercial cleaning are distinctly different practices. It turns out their practices are also incompatible.

Small business owners can be tempted to believe that the same cleaning practices they use at home can keep their business spaces just as clean. That is rarely the case. Commercial environments are completely different. They are subject to all sorts of contaminants you would never find in a typical home. Therefore, cleaning a commercial space requires an entirely different mindset.

Exposure to Contaminants Is Different

Among the many differences between residential and commercial cleaning is exposure to contaminants. At home, exposure is minimal. A typical house is subject to organic dirt as well as what family members track home with them. It is not a big deal.

In commercial settings, contamination is a much bigger problem. Consider a standard business cleaning environment involving an office. Maybe there are twenty-five workers with space in that office. All of them carry in contaminants on a daily basis.

Step up one level to industrial cleaning. Now you have multiple problems, including outside contaminants being brought in and the organic contamination created by the company’s industrial activity. As contamination ramps up, cleaning needs evolve.

Sanitizing and Disinfecting

Sanitizing and disinfecting home environments is a growing concern for modern families. That is understandable, given what we’ve all been through over the last few years. But the truth is that there is less to worry about in the home environment. Germs and bacteria are limited. Once again, things are different in a commercial setting.

Consider medical facility cleaning. A medical facility can be contaminated with all sorts of germs and pathogens. Not only can those germs and pathogens spread throughout the facility, but patients can also take them home with them. Sanitizing and disinfecting are considerably more important.

Spaces Are Larger

It goes without saying that spaces are larger in commercial cleaning scenarios. Offices are bigger than residential living rooms. Industrial warehouses are considerably larger than residential garages. The list goes on. The important thing to remember is that larger spaces can harbor a larger volume of contaminants. They also take longer to clean.

Cleaning gets harder as floor space goes up. That’s why it can take a crew of dozens to clean an industrial space while just one or two people can adequately clean a residential home. Larger spaces simply require more effort.

Specialized Cleaning Requirements

Wrapping all of this up is the reality of the specialized cleaning requirements of certain types of commercial spaces. Consider a technology company with a clean room. No matter how clean your master bathroom is, it would not be clean enough to meet the standards of a typical clean room. Crews need to use specialized procedures and supplies to get a clean room truly clean.

The cleaning requirements for a residential home just aren’t as extreme. Residential cleaners can use all-purpose cleaning solutions. They can utilize standard techniques that have been refined and streamlined over the years. Most homes can be cleaned with little fuss.
The same is not true of commercial environments. This explains why so many businesses hire professional cleaning services like All Pro Cleaning Systems. Business owners who understand the complex nature of commercial cleaning don’t rely on slightly modified residential cleaning practices to keep their properties up to spec and prefer to let the professionals handle it.

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