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Why It’s Important to Communicate With Your Cleaning Provider

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Why It_s Important to Communicate With Your Cleaning Provider

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When we offer cleaning services to facility management companies, restaurants, industrial companies, and other types of businesses, we inevitably talk about things like cleaning bathrooms and scrubbing floors. That’s what commercial cleaning is all about. But here at All Pro, we also like to talk about communication. We think it’s key to a productive relationship.

Do you work with a commercial cleaning service to keep your property clean, sanitary, and organized? And if so, how frequently do you communicate with your provider? We believe communicating on a regular basis is a good idea. The more frequent, the better.

You Both Have Expectations

One of the chief reasons to communicate with your cleaning provider on a regular basis is rooted in the reality that you both have expectations. Think about it. When you first signed a cleaning contract, your service provider outlined exactly what tasks would be performed and how frequently they would be done. Likewise, there were certain things you agreed to so as to make cleaning as easy as possible.

Here’s the thing: circumstances change. But if expectations don’t change along with them, misunderstandings await. Regular communication heads off those misunderstandings at the pass. By communicating regularly, both sides can keep the other up to date on changing circumstances. Expectations can be modified accordingly.

The last thing any company wants is misunderstandings with vendors or customers. Misunderstandings lead to damaged business relationships. For a cleaning provider, this translates into losing customers. For the customers, it translates into having to start over with new providers.

Maintain Proper Documentation

It’s pretty clear that companies and their cleaning providers should communicate regularly. They should also maintain proper documentation. Everything from the original contract to copies of all emails and written communications should be maintained. Documentation often settles disputes that would otherwise go unsettled.

Documentation can be maintained electronically or on paper. Electronic records tend to be more efficient because they take up no space. They are also more easily retrieved and sent back and forth when questions arise.

Regular Inspections Are a Good Idea

Although you might not consider inspections a communication issue, they really are. A cleaning company representative and a member of your staff should be meeting regularly to conduct inspections of your property. An inspection offers the opportunity to point out weaknesses and suggest improvements. It’s also an opportunity for clients to show appreciation for the quality of services their cleaning partners provide.

At this point we need to tie regular inspections back to the idea of proper documentation. Inspections should be documented. Documentation should include any observed deficiencies and their respective corrective actions.

What Happens When You Don’t Communicate

When cleaning providers and clients don’t communicate, even small problems can become big ones. A lack of regular communication can lead to:

  • assumptions on both sides.
  • informal agreements between people not authorized to make them.
  • a misunderstanding of rules and responsibilities.
  • confusion among members of the cleaning crew.
  • tasks being forgotten or skipped over.
  • abandonment of the established cleaning schedule.
  • a haphazard approach to regular and deep cleaning.

We believe communication is important. Whether we are working for a property management company, a professional organization, or even a restaurant or bar, regular communication is part and parcel of what we do.

If you and your cleaning provider don’t communicate regularly, take the initiative to change things. And if your current cleaning provider will not cooperate, consider bringing All Pro in as your new provider. Your company can’t afford to pay for substandard cleaning services. That might be what you’re getting if regular communication isn’t part of the deal.

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