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Why Industrial Cleaning is Often Best Left to the Pros

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Why Industrial Cleaning is Often Best Left to the Pros

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Commercial cleaning services can be categorized by type. Cleaning companies provide professional cleaning for office environments. You also have restaurant, medical, and municipal cleaning. Among the most challenging of all is industrial cleaning. It is challenging enough that we recommend leaving it to the pros.

Industrial cleaning can quickly get complicated depending on what you are dealing with. It can be labor intensive and expensive. Professional cleaning services that specialize in industrial environments are the best equipped to handle the job and do it right. On the other hand, cleaning crews with limited experience in industrial cleaning are not likely to do as good a job.

Industrial Cleaning for Different Spaces

Industrial cleaning is a broad category that covers a variety of different spaces. One of the first spaces we typically think of is a manufacturing facility complete with warehouse space. But consider other types of spaces as well:

  • Distribution centers.
  • Power plants.
  • Commercial laundry facilities.
  • Machine shops.
  • Construction facilities.

One of the things that makes industrial cleaning so challenging is that different types of spaces have unique needs. And with each need there is a right and wrong way to address cleaning. Commercial cleaning services that specialize in industrial spaces are more familiar with the idiosyncrasies of each type of space.

What Industrial Spaces Typically Need

Although each industrial space has its own unique cleaning requirements, the requirements can be broken down into four basic categories. The first is manual cleaning. The tasks in this category are the ones most people think of when the topic of commercial cleaning is brought up.

Manual cleaning involves things like mopping floors, cleaning restrooms, removing trash, etc. Cleaning crews do not use any sophisticated machinery. They do not need a whole lot of technical know-how. Manual cleaning is about as basic as it gets.

Here are the other three categories:

  • Floor Cleaning – Cleaning the floors in an industrial environment is far different from cleaning floors in an office or medical building. Industrial floors take a lot more abuse. They are exposed to all sorts of contaminants that cleaners never see in other environments.
  • Foam Applications – Industrial environments tend to be rife with hard-to-reach areas that can only be cleaned by way of an enzymatic foam application. What we typically call foam cleaning require specialized knowledge and skill.
  • Decontamination – Decontamination is a big part of cleaning most industrial environments, especially where chemicals our concerned. Industrial spaces certainly need to be surface clean, but they also must be free of all contaminants – whether that means chemicals, germs, or other hazardous materials.

It should be clear that cleaning an industrial space is not as simple as wiping down counters and sweeping floors. The more prone an industrial space is to dirt and contamination the more work is required to get it clean.

Complying With Rules and Regulations

Yet another reason to leave industrial cleaning to the pros is the need for compliance with rules and regulations. Industrial environments are typically subject to federal rules enforced by OSHA and other regulatory agencies. Then there are state and local rules as well. If cleaning does not comply with said rules, it could mean big trouble. The last thing an industrial company wants is to have to face inspectors in an environment that hasn’t been properly cleaned.

All Pro Cleaning Systems offers industrial cleaning services that are second to none. If you don’t have professional cleaners taking care of your property, now is a good time to reconsider. Industrial cleaning is best left to professionals with the skill, knowledge, and resources to do the job right.

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