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Why Detergents Are Still Preferred for Commercial Cleaning

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Why Detergents Are Still Preferred for Commercial Cleaning

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Here at All Pro Cleaning Systems, we are big fans of detergents. We are not alone, either. Detergents are still preferred cleaning solutions among cleaning companies of all types. They bring a lot to the table, including some benefits we cannot get from other types of cleaners.

You probably have a variety of detergents in your own home. You know them by various brand names, but they all do essentially the same thing. Let us discuss what that is, which should give you a better understanding of why commercial cleaners still rely on detergents despite having access to so many kinds of cleaning chemicals.

Detergents Are Surfactants

The first thing to know is that detergents are surfactants. That means they are chemicals with the ability to reduce the surface tension of water. Accomplish that and water becomes more effective at rinsing away dirt and debris.

An easy way to understand the surfactant principle is to think of washing dishes at home. When you apply a detergent, you are making it easier for water to get between food and the surface of a plate or utensil. The water can then lift and carry the food away.

Meanwhile, the hydrophobic tails within a detergent dissolve grease, oils, and other substances. Hydrophobic heads suspend the dissolved material in water so that it is rinsed away.

Detergents Are Synthetic

Next, know that detergents are synthetic chemicals. They are developed in labs and manufactured in specialized factories. The key to manufacturing a good detergent is building a long-chain hydrocarbon with a hydrophilic head and a hydrophobic tale.

Something that is hydrophilic attracts water. Something that is hydrophobic repels it. You need both to create an effective detergent.

Detergents Are Versatile

Now that you have a basic understanding of a detergent’s chemical makeup and mechanism of action, the next thing to know is that detergents are versatile. This is important to commercial cleaning companies due to the fact that we clean so many different types of spaces.

A detergent is versatile enough to be utilized for a wide range of cleaning tasks. In a restaurant, we can utilize detergents to clean aprons, towels, and tablecloth. But we can also use a detergent on floors and work surfaces.

In an industrial factory, a good detergent can get a greasy floor squeaky clean. That same detergent can be used to clean tools, equipment, and work surfaces. Best of all, detergents are not as harsh as other types of cleaning chemicals.

Detergents Are Relatively Safe

Detergents are ideal for commercial cleaning services because they are relatively safe. When used properly, they pose very few safety risks to either cleaning crews or the people who work in the cleaned spaces. Detergents are also non-toxic.

By contrast, there are plenty of industrial grade cleaning solutions that can be toxic, corrosive, and even acidic. Such cleaning chemicals do have their preferred uses, though they are left out of the equation altogether. But when it is possible to properly clean with a detergent, it is preferred over harsher chemicals.

We Use What Works Best

The goal of commercial cleaning services is pretty obvious: to clean spaces in accordance with customer needs and standards. To do that, we choose whatever cleaning solutions work best. Detergents often fit the bill. But when they don’t, we will choose an appropriate solution as a substitute.

Now you know why commercial cleaning services appreciate detergents. We all use them at home, so it shouldn’t be surprising that commercial cleaners use them too. Detergents are effective, safe, affordable, and pretty easy to come by. What is not to love about them?

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