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Using Bar Mops as Your All-Purpose Cleaning Towels

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Using Bar Mops as Your All-Purpose Cleaning Towels

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There is no shortage of options when it comes to all-purpose cleaning towels. We would be willing to bet that you can purchase cleaning towels from your current cleaning supplies provider. But before you make your next purchase, we’d like to offer a suggestion: bar mops. A bar mop is a specific kind of towel with some unique properties that make it ideal as an all-purpose cleaning tool.

Bar mops are so named because they were originally designed to soak up spills at the bar. We mention this not only for historical reference, but also to point out the genuine bar mops are highly absorbent. The best of the best are made from cotton. This will be important as we make our way through the rest of this post.

Bar Mops and Restaurants

The main thrust of this discussion is using bar mops as all-purpose cleaning towels in a variety of industries. That said, we feel it is necessary to single out the restaurant industry for some special attention before moving on. In restaurants and bars, it’s better to have two types of towels on hand: bar mops and kitchen towels.

Bar mops should be used for all front-of-house cleaning, including tables and the bar itself. Separate kitchen towels should be reserved for back-of-house. Never mixing the two greatly cuts down on the risk of cross contamination. When you are dealing with food, this is a necessity. So again, bar mops for front-of-house and kitchen towels for back-of-house.

Absorbency Is the Big Thing

In the commercial cleaning business, we are always cognizant of what our cleaning efforts leave behind. The last thing we want is to clean a surface only to leave behind a film that does little more than prove the surface isn’t actually clean. Where there is a film, there is also the possibility of germs and unseen debris.

The key to preventing such a scenario is absorbency. This is where bar mops excel. A genuine cotton bar mop soaks up water, cleaning solution, dirt, and debris. It is actually pretty similar to a cotton mop head that soaks up water and dirt on a floor.

If you are attempting to clean a surface with a low-absorbency towel, you might not be picking up all the dirt and liquid. Instead, you might just be pushing it around. The surface will eventually dry, but it will dry with a streaky film that says anything but clean.

Bar Mops Are Built to Last

The other fantastic thing about bar mops is that they are built to last. They tend to be thicker than kitchen towels and made with multiple layers of fabric. A good bar mop will hold up to significant punishment for at least a couple of years. Best of all, bar mops are easily laundered in a standard washing machine.

Bar mops can typically be rented from linen service providers. You can also buy them directly from manufacturers and cleaning supply retailers. For our money, there is nothing better than the cotton bar mop for all-purpose cleaning.

If you would rather let someone else do the cleaning for you, contact All Pro Cleaning Systems. We are a commercial cleaning provider offering services for restaurants, retail establishments, industrial spaces, medical offices, and more.

We believe that the right cleaning supplies and solutions make the difference. So in addition to professionally trained cleaners who know their craft, we make a point of carefully selecting the materials we use in every job. Bar mops are generally on the table as all-purpose cleaning cloths. They are tough, absorbent, and always up to the task.

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