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Should Your Private School Pay for Professional Cleaning Service?

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Should Your Private School Pay for Professional Cleaning Service

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At All Pro Cleaning Systems, we clean our fair share of office buildings and industrial facilities. We have cleaned manufacturing plants, daycare centers, medical offices, and even apartment complexes. Even private schools are on the table. Now there is something to think about if you are a private school administrator.

Private schools are often stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to cleaning. Administrators know that cleanliness is crucial to student health and safety, yet budgets are lean. Maintaining a cleaning staff might not be possible due to limited funds. Enter professional cleaning services.

Knowledge, Skill, and Expertise

There are a lot of reasons to consider addressing a private school’s cleaning needs with professional service. At the top of the list are three things commercial cleaning services bring to the table: knowledge, skill, and expertise. In the simplest terms possible, professional cleaners have what it takes to do the best job possible.

This is important in a private school setting where administrators can never be too careful. Parents are counting on private schools to provide a safe learning environment for their kids. They expect the schools to be clean and hygienic.

A Higher Level of Cleanliness

We are confident in saying that most professional cleaning services offer a higher level of cleanliness compared to on-staff maintenance workers who handle cleaning tasks in addition to other things. We say that because cleaning is our specialty. It is all we do, and we do it well.

Professional cleaning crews are not distracted by other tasks, like changing light bulbs and fixing broken door handles. They are there to clean. They can focus all their attention on cleaning floors, restrooms, cafeterias, and school offices.

Reducing the Risk of Illness

Illness is a big concern for any school administrator. Due to the way illnesses are transmitted from one student to the next, it is imperative that schools be properly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected. There is no point in helping germs travel.

A clean and disinfected school is less likely to be a harbinger for germs. It is less likely to facilitate germ transmission among students and staff. And once again, that higher level of cleanliness you get with professional cleaning services minimizes the risk of transmitting illnesses.

The key to all of this is giving no opportunity for germs to proliferate and/or spread. But stopping germs in their tracks requires some advanced knowledge about cleaning and disinfecting. Professional cleaners have that knowledge. As for maintenance workers, maybe not.

Saving Money Is Also Possible

Private schools operating on tight budgets are understandably nervous about outsourcing their cleaning. They would rather save money by asking the maintenance man to do it all. But in the end, going that route could actually end up costing more.

Saving money by outsourcing cleaning is entirely possible. For starters, private schools do not have to pay salaries and benefits when they outsource. That is a big plus right there. But it gets better.

Professional cleaning companies don’t spend as much on cleaning solutions and supplies because they buy in bulk from wholesale distributors. They can often get better pricing than individual private schools.

Last but not least is efficiency. Professional cleaners can clean more quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. That means they clean less often, thereby saving money by reducing labor costs.

If you operate a private school, who handles your cleaning? More power to you if you have competent people on the payroll. But if not, consider hiring a professional cleaning service. We would be happy to offer a quote, provided your school is within our service area.

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