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Quality Control Is Critical to Commercial Cleaning – Here’s Why

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Quality Control Is Critical to Commercial Cleaning

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Quality control is something we stress at All Pro Cleaning Systems. It is extremely important to us because it affects the results of nearly everything we do. Failing to account for quality makes it too easy to cut corners or take the easy way out. From our perspective, quality control is as critical to commercial cleaning as it is to manufacturing, design, or any other process.

We strive to maintain strict quality control on every job site. It is built into our policies and training. If your current cleaning company isn’t meeting your expectations, maybe quality control is an issue for them. We would be happy to step in once your contract expires. In the meantime, let us talk more about how quality control affects commercial cleaning.

You Have Your Standards

Our obligations to you, as a client, would be spelled out in the contract we agreed to. But set the contract aside for one second. Above and beyond any contract language, you have your standards. You and your management team have a clear idea of what you consider clean. You expect your commercial cleaning service to meet that standard at every turn.

Truth be told, customer expectations are the cornerstone of quality control. And it is not limited to commercial cleaning. In any business-customer relationship, it’s the business’s responsibility to produce the type of quality the customer expects. Quality control is one tool for doing that.

If we don’t meet your expectations, you might:

  • not renew your contract
  • not recommend us to other businesses
  • not make an effort to pay your invoices on time.

We do not want dissatisfied customers. We cannot imagine any commercial cleaning service feeling differently. So in order to guarantee your satisfaction, we place a lot of emphasis on quality control.

There Are Contract Stipulations

We can’t talk about quality control in commercial cleaning services without discussing contract stipulations. Our contracts lay out our obligations to customers in detail. As the customer, you expect us to meet those obligations – at a bare minimum. Practicing strict quality control ensures we do.

Without strict quality control, we run the risk of violating contractual agreements. That creates a lot of trouble for both us and the customer. It is trouble we both want to avoid.

Our Quality Affects Your Business

Failing to meet contractual obligations and your established standards for cleanliness can mean only one thing: our team is doing a poor job. Ultimately, that affects your business in countless ways.

For example, a dirty office can reduce productivity and efficiency. It can discourage employees. When dirty offices are accompanied by dirty breakrooms and restroom facilities, team morale can sink to new lows. It’s not a pleasant situation to be in.

There are also those environments prone to becoming dangerous when cleaning isn’t handled properly. Dirty floors in an industrial environment illustrate the point well enough. They are a safety issue because they encourage slips, trips, and falls.

Measured and Tracked Consistently

To get the most out of quality control strategies, results need to be measured and tracked consistently. That being the case, we have established parameters whereby we measure the quality of our own work. We use the resulting data to improve performance on an ongoing basis. And through tracking, we can monitor our own progress from one quarter to the next.

You have certain expectations for your commercial cleaning service. You expect the provider to adhere to your standards and fulfill all contractual obligations. We expect the same things from ourselves. To guarantee it, we employ strict quality control measures. That’s the way it should be.

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