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Industrial Cleaning Services Are Worth the Investment

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Industrial Cleaning Services Are Worth the Investment

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Industrial environments are remarkably different on many levels. So much so that it can be difficult to explain to owners of industrial businesses why cleaning is so important. It is often just assumed that industrial environments need to be dirty by their nature. But that is really not true. In fact, there are valid reasons to keep industrial environments as clean as possible.

Those reasons suggest that professional industrial cleaning services are worth investing in. At least that’s true for companies without a dedicated cleaning staff capable of doing more than just light janitorial work. Note that there is a difference between cleaning and janitorial.

Basic Janitorial Services

It is not unusual for industrial companies to have a small maintenance staff that manages janitorial services. However, what they do is pretty basic. Janitorial tasks are limited to things like emptying trash cans, surface cleaning restrooms, and wiping down counters and tables in the break room. Spaces are left visually cleaner, but they are not really clean.

A truly clean environment goes above and beyond what can be seen with the naked eye. And when it comes to industrial cleaning, it is definitely more than just wiping down counters and emptying trash cans. Industrial cleaning accounts for all sorts of dirt, debris, germs, and pathogens – most of which cannot be easily seen.

Improving Workplace Safety

Much of what goes into industrial cleaning is a matter of improving workplace safety. One of the best examples is nightly floor cleaning in a tool and die shop. Tool and die operators make heavy use of a liquid coolant to keep both tools and parts cool during the machining process. Yet despite modern machines that are fairly capable of containing the coolant, getting some of it on the floor is inevitable.

Once coolant dries, it makes the floor very slippery. This presents a safety hazard. If coolant is allowed to build up over several days of activity, you have a dangerous situation on your hands. Yet cleaning the floors every night mitigates the risk.

Industrial cleaning accounts for the many different things that create safety hazards for employees. At the same time, the cleaning chemicals a crew utilizes should never create hazards themselves. Professionals know which chemicals to avoid in a particular environment so as to not jeopardize employees.

Fewer Workplace Accidents

Minimizing hazards minimizes risk. When you minimize risk, you also end up with fewer workplace accidents. Everyone is more productive as a result. Employees benefit by not being subject to so many injuries or illnesses. Employers benefit through:

  • Fewer man hours lost to injury and illness.
  • Fewer workers’ compensation claims.
  • Greater productivity.
  • Better employee attitudes.

Keeping an industrial environment clean benefits everyone involved. It even benefits visitors. They enjoy the workplace safety benefits, but they also come away with a better impression of the company. That is important to any industrial business whose customers pay visits from time to time.

A Matter of Regulations

One last thing to consider about industrial cleaning is its relationship to helping companies comply with regulations. As you probably know, OSHA mandates a safe working environment for all employees. Their rules for doing so are more specific for industrial environments. Simply put, there are things industrial companies need to do that other types of companies do not.
Professional industrial cleaning accounts for the regulations on a per-business basis. Professional cleaners know what is required for each industry. And because of that, they are capable of developing customized cleaning plans designed around compliance. That is just the icing on the cake, proving that investing in industrial cleaning services is worth it.

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