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How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Green Cleaning Supplies

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How to Maximize the Effectiveness of Green Cleaning Supplies

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Green cleaning supplies are frequently misunderstood as being less effective and/or less powerful. They are not. Green cleaning supplies get the job done if they are used properly. This is where most non-professional cleaners fall down. They try to use green cleaning supplies the same way they would use chemical-based products. That is a mistake.

Take a typical green surface cleaner. It is not any less powerful or effective as a chemical-based product. But it is different. Therein lies the key. If you understand the differences between green and chemical cleaning supplies, you can also understand that different techniques are utilized with both.

Below are some tips you can employ to maximize the effectiveness of any green cleaning supplies your organization uses. If you are looking for a vendor that offers green cleaning, look no further than All Pro Cleaning Systems. We would be more than happy to discuss our green cleaning supplies and strategies with your team.

1. Choose the Right Products

Although choosing the right products may seem like a cliche, many people don’t realize that cleaning products tend to be more specialized in the green space. That is by design. By relying on specific ingredients to do specific jobs, manufacturers don’t have to utilize potent, multipurpose chemicals.

It takes time to learn which products are most effective for each cleaning task. But once the knowledge is acquired, it is fairly easy to find targeted products for each item on the cleaning list. As a side note, searching for concentrates that can be diluted prior to use can lead to substantial savings. Keep that in mind when shopping for supplies.

2. Learn and Utilize Proper Techniques

This next tip begins with acknowledging the fact that green cleaning supplies are not less powerful, just different. That being the case, make the effort to learn and utilize proper cleaning techniques. Consider dwell time as an example.

Some green cleaning solutions designed for surface cleaning work best when they are allowed to dwell momentarily. You apply a solution, then let it sit on the surface for a minute or two before removing it. Just by paying attention to dwell time requirements, you enhance the effectiveness of that solution.

Other common cleaning techniques in the green space include using hot water rather than warm, and cleaning with microfiber cloths. Hot water does a better job of loosening dirt and grime so that cleaning solutions can do what they are designed to do. As for microfiber cloths, they offer superior performance for trapping dirt, dust, and germs.

3. Enhance Products When Possible

Cleaning companies sometimes combine two chemical products to enhance the properties of both. A similar principle can be applied to green cleaning. In other words, it is sometimes possible to enhance a green cleaning solution’s performance by combining it with another natural agent like baking soda, vinegar, or an essential oil.

Steam cleaning can be a nice enhancement when it comes time to deep clean kitchens and break rooms. Steam cleaning does an amazing job of releasing embedded grime and dirt in corners and hard to reach areas.

We cannot remind clients often enough that green cleaning solutions are just different. They are not less effective or less powerful. But in order to get the most out of a green cleaning strategy, you need to choose the right cleaning supplies and apply the most effective techniques.

All Pro Cleaning Systems is proud to offer green cleaning services. We would be more than happy to discuss how we can put those services to work for your company to create a cleaner and safer environment for everyone.

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