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Green Cleaning: What It Is and How It’s Done

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Green Cleaning What It Is and How It_s Done

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Green cleaning is a service we are proud to provide clients in a variety of sectors. From office to industrial and retail cleaning, we believe that following the green model is important in a world that takes sustainability so seriously. If you are not familiar with green cleaning, we would be happy to sit down and discuss it with you.

In a nutshell, green cleaning is a philosophy of cleaning with products, techniques, and strategies designed to minimize environmental impact. Suffice it to say that green cleaning isn’t limited just to the cleaning products we use. It encompasses everything we do, from start to finish.

Green Cleaning Products

When it comes to green cleaning, we prefer to discuss cleaning ‘products’ rather than cleaning ‘chemicals’. The difference in terms makes it easier for us to demonstrate our commitment to green principles.

As you know, there is no shortage of residential and commercial cleaning chemicals that are questionable in terms of their environmental impact. A select few of those chemicals are not even questionable; they are known to be hazardous. Green cleaning seeks to avoid those chemicals. Instead, it utilizes safe cleaning products that pose little to no danger to people, animals, or the environment in general.

Do not believe the myth that green cleaning products aren’t capable of doing a good job. Truth be told, green cleaning products are every bit as good. In some cases, they do an even better job.

Green Cleaning Techniques

Every cleaning procedure is governed by certain techniques. When you mop a floor with a string mop, for example, proper technique involves soaking the floor with water and your cleaning solution, then using the string mop to soak up all the liquid and dirt. Without proper technique you do little more than spread dirt around.

Likewise, there are certain cleaning techniques that qualify as green. Let’s stick with mopping the floors since we have already broached the topic. In a green cleaning scenario, a split bucket system keeps clean and dirty water separate. Preventing cross contamination keeps clean water clean for longer. It also allows for water recycling.

Green Cleaning Strategies

Last but not least are green cleaning strategies. We draw as distinction between techniques and strategies inasmuch as the latter may or may not be directly linked to an actual cleaning procedure. A good example illustrating the point is how we handle lighting.

Nighttime cleaning obviously requires lighting. Green cleaning practices recognize the fact that rooms do not have to be lit when vacant. So it’s our practice to turn lights off when we leave a room. There is no benefit to leaving lights on after we finish cleaning a particular space.

Emptying the trash is another good example. Where recycling is practical and applicable, it doesn’t make sense to throw recyclable materials out with the trash. It also makes no sense to waste trash bags by discarding them when they aren’t full. It is better to remove recyclables and then combine trash receptacles into a single bag.

It’s Worth the Effort

Green cleaning does require some extra effort. But it is worth the effort to contribute to a more sustainable world. If you think green cleaning is right for your company, we would be interested in talking things over with you.

We offer professional cleaning services for offices, industrial environments, retail spaces, educational institutions. and more. We would be happy to inspect your site for the purposes of providing a comprehensive quote for whatever cleaning services you deem necessary. And if you like, we can apply green cleaning products, techniques, and strategies.

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