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How to Keep Your Work Office as Clean as Your Home Office

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How to Keep Your Work Office as Clean As your Home Office

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Returning to the office after working at home for an extended amount of time can be a bit of a shock. Getting back into the office groove can be difficult. Working side-by-side with dozens of other people can make you feel cramped. If you made a point of keeping your home office sparkling clean, going back to a work office that isn’t so clean could even hamper your productivity.

The good news is that returning to the office doesn’t have to be traumatic. As a company that provides professional office cleaning services, we can tell you that it is possible to keep your work office just as clean as your home office, commensurate with the amount of control you have over your work space.

Whether you work in a cubicle or have a separate office with four walls, apply the same cleaning strategies at work that you utilize at home. For all intents and purposes, the way you clean remains the same. The only thing that is different is the space you are cleaning.

Practice Regular Decluttering

Clutter is an open invitation to dirt. Why? First of all, clutter collects dirt and dust. It is a dirt and dust magnet, to be exact. Second, your reluctance to move clutter while you clean virtually guarantees that the space in question will never be deep cleaned. That is not good.

What is the solution? Regular decluttering. Getting rid of clutter should be a normal part of every office cleaning project. Doing so helps keep workspaces clean, organized, and looking good.

Even a cubicle can be decluttered, by the way. Think of your desk. If you have so many picture frames, knickknacks, and vacation souvenirs that you are constantly having to move things to get any work done, your desk needs a good decluttering.

Spot Clean Every Day

At home, even the slightest amount of dirt is motivation to spot clean. You see a little dust on the window sill, and you immediately take care of it. A piece of paper accidentally dropped to the floor is immediately retrieved and placed in the waste basket. Why not do the same thing at work?

You can spot clean every day before you clock out. Wipe down your desk, chair, and computer screen. Use a hand duster to hit your shelves and fixtures. Make sure any trash you’ve accumulated goes into the waste basket.

Work With Your Colleagues

You may be in a situation where you share office space with a number of colleagues. Just like you work with your family to keep the whole house clean, work with your colleagues to keep the office in good shape. You may not get their full cooperation all the time, but every little bit helps.

Hire Professional Cleaners

Perhaps you’re reading this post and feeling pretty good about yourself because you have a professional cleaner take care of your home office when she comes in to clean the rest of the house. You may or may not have the ability to do the same thing at work.

If you do, professional office cleaning services take all the worry and hassle about maintaining a tidy workspace. The cleaning service will dust your office, vacuum the carpets, empty the trash, and even wipe away all of those little smudges.

We have no way of knowing what your work environment is like. But we do know that a work office can be just as clean as a home office. You’re just applying the same cleaning principles in a different space. Give it a try.

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