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How to Establish Cleaning Policies with a New Service Provider

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Bringing on a new commercial cleaning partner can have its challenges. Among them is establishing cleaning policies that will dictate what the service provider does and how they do it. Establishing policies is important if ownership and management wants to minimize misunderstandings, conflicts, and the potential for inadequate service.

Here at All Pro Cleaning Systems, we specialize in office, industrial, and general business cleaning. We are fully committed to establishing clear and understandable cleaning policies with our clients. We know that clear policies are one of the key factors in providing the commercial cleaning services our clients expect.

Discuss Every Space in Detail

So how can cleaning services and clients establish cleaning policies? It starts with discussing every space in detail. Whether it is an office building, a restaurant, a retail setting, or any other environment, every space in the building is important. Cleaning services and clients need to come to an understanding about which spaces will be addressed and which will not.

Details are important here. There may be some spaces clients want cleaners to avoid completely. There may be other spaces where cleaning will take place, but on a limited basis. The point is to not leave the details to chance. Commercial cleaning services need to know exactly what is expected of them throughout the entire facility.

Discuss the Level of Cleaning Desired

Next, it is equally important for cleaning services and clients to discuss the level of cleaning the client desires. Basic cleaning doesn’t go very deep. It addresses surface dirt and trash. Cleaning can go much deeper, including thoroughly sanitizing restrooms, break rooms, etc.

A good cleaning policy outlines the depth of cleaning expected in every space. It covers things like sanitation and hygiene. A policy might even detail cleaning techniques and supplies.

Determine a Cleaning Schedule

One area in which a lot of companies fall down is determining a cleaning schedule. For some reason, it’s just assumed that commercial cleaning services will know how frequently to clean particular spaces. Reality says otherwise. The truth is that scheduling isn’t black-and-white. Much of it is a matter of perception.

Determining a definitive cleaning schedule eliminates any chance of misunderstandings. It eliminates ambiguity as well. If a company’s cleaning policy stipulates that restrooms are surface-cleaned daily but deep-cleaned twice weekly, then there are no questions about how frequently deep cleaning should take place. It is all spelled out in the policy.

Invite Plenty of Feedback

In addition to establishing policies that clearly define how and when a business is cleaned, management should consider what employees have to say. Employees have their own perceptions about workplace cleanliness, hygiene, and sanitation. They should be given the opportunity to offer their input.

Be aware that employees can offer some insights that would otherwise escape management’s attention. Perhaps management isn’t aware of problems associated with the restrooms floor workers use. Giving employees a chance to offer their input might be the only way those problems are discovered and corrected.

Conduct Regular Policy Reviews

After a company’s cleaning policies have been established, walking away and forgetting about them is not an option. Things change. Environments evolve. What was an appropriate policy six or 12 months ago may no longer be appropriate today. Therefore, it is important to regularly review policies. Make changes where needed.

Bringing on a new commercial cleaning services provider can mean finally getting the level and quality of cleaning you’ve been looking for. But in order to manage the relationship and get the results you want, it’s necessary to establish cleaning policies that are clear and reasonable.

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