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How Clean Does Your Commercial Space Have to Be?

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How Clean Does Your Commercial Space Have to Be?

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Cleaning is an interesting endeavor. How clean does a space actually have to be? Furthermore, what defines ‘truly clean’ or ‘clean enough’? Although such questions are not easily answered, they are questions for which professional cleaning companies, like All Pro Cleaning Systems, need to continually account for.

What constitutes ‘clean’ is not clearly defined. On the other hand, we do have concrete definitions for ‘sterile’ and ‘germ free’. Both such standards can be scientifically measured. But deciding that something is clean is a different matter. It boils down to the fact that cleanliness is more of a personal perception than anything else.

It Is Clean If It Looks Clean

Here at All Pro Cleaning Systems, we offer industrial cleaning services for all sorts of manufacturing and industrial environments. Most such environments do not need a whole lot of sanitizing and disinfecting. Their needs are more centered around loose dirt and debris, chemicals, and the like. Therefore, what is defined as clean is often what looks clean.

The warehouse floor is clean if there is no visible dirt, debris, and chemicals. Work surfaces in the logistics department are deemed clean by the same standard. The outliers in such an environment are the restrooms. They not only have to look clean, but they also need to be disinfected.

While we generally accept something as clean if it looks that way, there are varying opinions as to what clean actually looks like. Some people would consider an industrial floor clean if it were free of loose dirt, debris, chemical spills, etc. – even if there were some persistent stains that had been hanging around for years. The stains are overlooked because they are what they are.

Different Standards for Different Environments

In an industrial and manufacturing setting, you have different environments requiring different levels of cleaning. The manufacturing floor is separate from company offices. Then there are restrooms and the break room. They have their own unique cleaning needs.

Taking this one step further, think about the cleaning needs in a manufacturing environment as compared to those in a private school. Think about the standards for cleaning a medical building. Different standards exist for each kind of environment. Therefore, what constitutes clean is different from one environment to the next.

Cleaning Companies Have to Be Able to Do It All

The point of all of this takes us back to what All Pro Cleaning Systems does. Yes, we offer industrial cleaning. We also offer business and office cleaning services. We even work with facility management companies to keep their properties clean. Over the years, we have seen just about everything.

A commercial cleaning company needs to be able to do it all – at least within the confines of the industries they serve. Again, we clean medical offices. We do not clean hospitals or nursing homes. But for every medical building we take on, we need to be capable of cleaning it to the client’s high standards.

We need to meet standards in the waiting room. Likewise for exam rooms, restrooms, and even office space. Each space needs to be as clean as the client demands. We don’t get to define what clean looks like. That is the domain of the client.

You Should Be in Control

You should be in control as the client. That’s our view here at All Pro Cleaning Systems. You define how clean your commercial space needs to be and we make it happen. If you would like to know more about how we do that, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would be more than happy to create a custom cleaning plan for your space.

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