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Give Your Employees the Gift of Professional Cleaning This Year

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Give Your Employees the Gift of Professional Cleaning This Year

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This is the time of year when employers start thinking about whether to pass out Christmas bonuses.  Business owners want to take care of their employees, and with good reason. But we would like to offer a different kind of holiday bonus: professional business cleaning. It is a gift that positively impacts workers all year long.

Let Us Do the Cleaning for You

Maybe your company currently employs a skeleton janitorial crew. You have just enough crew members to clean the restrooms a couple of times per week and run a vacuum at the end of the day. What if you could get business or office cleaning services at an affordable rate, services that go much further and deeper than your current crew can handle?

Perhaps your company doesn’t have a janitorial staff. Office cleaning is left to office workers. We would be willing to bet that none of them are married to their cleaning tasks. We are guessing they would all love to be able to leave the cleaning to someone else. You could leave it to us.

Benefits of Professional Cleaning

Giving the gift of professional cleaning does more than just relieve your staff of having to handle dirty bathrooms and break rooms. Professional cleaning is actually a business investment that could pay off in both tangible and intangible ways. For example, here are just some of the benefits of professional cleaning services:

  • Increased Productivity – Employees tend to be more productive in clean and organized environments. Why? Because they are not distracted by dirt and clutter. They can hit the ground running every morning at the start of their shifts. And at the end of the day, they don’t have to stop being productive a half-hour before quitting time so that they can clean up.
  • A Healthier Environment – Everything from offices to industrial environments are healthier when they are clean. Maintaining a clean environment keeps germs, bacteria, and dirt at bay. And in environments requiring sanitation and disinfection, professional cleaning is invaluable.
  • Fewer Capital Expenditures – Believe it or not, maintaining a professionally cleaned work environment can lead to fewer capital expenditures because business equipment and furniture lasts longer. A well-designed cleaning plan can actually save money on capital expenditures in the long run.

Speaking of saving money, hiring your own cleaning crew can be expensive. You need to pay wages and benefits. You also need to worry about scheduling, vacation time, sick days, etc. But when you invest in professional cleaning, none of that is your problem. We manage all the staffing issues on our end, guaranteeing that you always have a cleaning crew on-site according to the schedule we have worked out with you.

Let’s Come up With a Plan

If all of this sounds intriguing to you, contact All Pro at your earliest convenience. Let us sit down and come up with a plan to clean your office, warehouse, medical building, or industrial environment. If you have space of any kind, we can probably offer you a comprehensive cleaning plan you and your team will be thrilled with.

Cash bonuses are one option for taking care of your employees during the holiday season. If you’ve already settled on the cash bonus for this year, no worries. But if you have been looking for something different, we encourage you to consider investing in professional business cleaning.

Professional cleaning services will have a positive impact on your team all year long. Let us help you give your employees a clean and organized environment that helps them be the best they can be.

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