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Custom Commercial Cleaning Is the Way to Go – Here’s Why

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Custom Commercial Cleaning Is the Way to Go – Here's Why

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Hiring a commercial cleaning company means having choices. For example, an organization can select from a number of static levels of service or go with a custom cleaning package. A good service provider can give each customer exactly what it needs in terms of cleaning services and schedules. That said, we think custom cleaning is the way to go in most cases.

Custom commercial cleaning is applicable to all kinds of spaces. We can customize cleaning for office buildings, factories, retail spaces, medical offices, private schools, and more. We can even customize cleaning for facility management companies with large inventories of buildings to maintain.

So why would a customer choose custom cleaning? To us, the better question is why a customer wouldn’t. Be that as it may, here are just some of the advantages custom cleaning services bring to the table:

1. Unique Implementation

We have cleaned enough commercial spaces to know that some organizations have very unique needs. We often think of high-tech clean rooms when this particular topic comes up. A clean room in a scientific facility needs to be beyond surface clean. It needs to be so clean that even particles unseen by the naked eye cannot be present.

A custom cleaning plan accounts for the unique circumstances of each space. So even in pretty common environments, like office buildings with a collection of public and dedicated spaces, there are some unique aspects to account for.

2. Prioritized Cleaning

In addition to unique needs, different spaces have different priorities. A customized plan allows for easily prioritizing those tasks that are most important. In a restaurant for example, food prep areas have priority. They are given the most time and attention for obvious reasons.

3. Optimized Scheduling

One of the questions we frequently get from new customers involves how frequently cleaning will be scheduled. And it is not just scheduling for the whole space, it’s also scheduling for priority tasks. Customization allows us to create a granular schedule that can be as detailed as the customer needs. We dispense with the one-size-fits-all approach in favor of a more efficient scheduling model.

4. Adaptability and Flexibility

If we had to choose the most attractive benefit of custom cleaning services, it would be adaptability and flexibility. Static cleaning packages still get the job done when organizations don’t have extraordinary cleaning needs. But when cleaning needs are subject to regular change, it is hard to beat the adaptability and flexibility customization offers.

Customized cleaning evolves along with an organization. It adapts when the organization needs change. It can be scaled up at a moment’s notice, then scaled back down if circumstances dictate.

5. Cost Effectiveness

It is nearly impossible to write a post of this nature without talking about the financial aspects of commercial cleaning. So many of our clients outsource their cleaning because it saves money. They don’t have to hire a cleaning crew or spend money on supplies and equipment.

Apply that same principle to custom cleaning services and it is possible for organizations to save even more. Customization ensures that only what needs cleaning actually gets cleaned. It allows room for the customer to manage routine tasks to keep their overall costs down. Indeed, there are countless ways to customize cleaning services to fit within a customer’s budget.

Commercial cleaning services work best when they meet the needs of each individual client. We think the way to do that is to offer custom cleaning services. If you would like to know more about what we do at All Pro Cleaning Systems, feel free to reach out.

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