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Business Owners: Spring Cleaning Isn’t Just For the Home

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Business Owners Spring Cleaning Isn't Just For the Home

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It is a ritual that begins every year at about this time. Of course, we are talking about spring cleaning. Just about the time Easter rolls around, we start getting the itch to run through the house and clean everything in sight. If you are a business owner, know this: spring cleaning isn’t just for your home. It’s essential for your business, too.

Both residential and commercial spaces can take a pretty good beating during the winter. With the exception of extreme southern regions that enjoy mostly dry and sunny winter weather, most of the country gets a mixture of rain, sleet, and snow. Winter weather means tracking all sorts of dirt and debris inside. It means water damage, salt damage, and more.

Suggestions for Business Spring Cleaning

As specialists in commercial and office cleaning services, we know a thing or two about spring business cleaning. We recommend hiring a business cleaning company to handle your spring cleaning. If you still want to do it in-house, the following would be our suggestions:

1. Deep Clean Public Spaces

One of your first priorities for spring cleaning should be public spaces. Any space visitors have access to should be deep cleaned. Deep cleaning includes disinfecting, spot treating stains, thorough sweeping and vacuuming, and mopping where applicable. Deep cleaning is especially important in public restrooms and reception areas. You want both to be spick and span.

2. Deep Clean Work Areas

Visitors are not the only ones negatively impacted by winter dirt. So are your workers. Do them a favor and have their work areas deep cleaned. If your people primarily work in cubicles, pull things out and vacuum. Thoroughly dust office furniture and equipment.

3. Clean the Windows

We are frequently surprised by the number of businesses that don’t pay any attention to their windows. Windows can get pretty dirty both inside and out. Spring is a good time to give them a thorough cleaning. A commercial cleaning service can handle window exteriors with ease. Interior surfaces will probably require a bit more care.

4. Clean Storage Areas and Docks

Storage areas and loading docks tend to accumulate trash during the winter months. It is easier to store trash than carry it outside in harsh winter weather. That’s fine. But when spring rolls around, it’s time to clear it all out.

Good Reasons to Spring Clean Your Business

There might be other spaces you feel are in need of a good spring cleaning. We will not discuss any more of them because we want to get to some of the reasons for actually doing it. Spring cleaning is about more than satisfying that itch to get rid of winter dirt. There are plenty of other good reasons, including:

  • boosting employee moral
  • improving daily productivity
  • improving air quality
  • making spaces safer
  • reducing liability risks
  • reducing workplace accidents
  • making a good impression on visitors.

Customer-facing businesses that entertain a lot of foot traffic really need to consider spring cleaning as a way of enhancing brand image. What visitors see affects their impressions of a particular brand. So if they see an accumulation of winter dirt and debris, they may walk away with a negative impression of that brand.

Spring has sprung in North America. That means it’s time for homeowners and apartment renters to start their spring-cleaning rituals. If you own a business, spring cleaning is a good idea for your company. Clean out the trash and clean up the dirt. Make your place of business all shiny and new again. It will do wonders for both your employees and your visitors.

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