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Business Cleaning Is Pretty Broad – What Do You Need Cleaned?

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Business Cleaning Is Pretty Broad – What Do You Need Cleaned?

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Here at All Pro Cleaning Systems, we would be accurate to advertise business cleaning services. But business cleaning is a pretty broad area. So rather than trying to figure out what potential clients need, we simply ask: what do you need cleaned?

Business cleaning encapsulates just about every cleaning task one might find in a commercial setting. Office buildings need restrooms cleaned, carpets vacuumed, cubicles dusted, and so forth. Restaurants have more unique cleaning needs throughout the kitchens, dining rooms, and bars.

The point we are trying to drive home is that different spaces have their own cleaning needs. A company offering business cleaning should be able to manage any kind of space they encounter. Let us look at some examples.

Office Cleaning

It often seems that office cleaning and business cleaning are discussed interchangeably. It is as though customers immediately think of office buildings whenever the topic of business cleaning comes up. Regardless, offices present a number of different spaces in need of cleaning.

You have dedicated spaces like conference rooms and individual workers’ offices. You also have public spaces like lobbies, restrooms, kitchens, and break rooms. Business cleaning in an office environment can cover everything from vacuuming to restroom sanitation and taking out the trash.

Retail Cleaning

Retail environments are quite a bit different. They can even be more involved in office buildings depending on size and complexity. Business cleaning for retail spaces tends to focus on two broad categories: front of house and back of house.

Front of house cleaning is all about creating a clean environment for customers. Back of house cleaning is more for employees and vendors. There are unique needs in both areas.

Medical Facility Cleaning

Some of the most complicated cleaning tasks are found in medical facilities. Although we do not go into hospitals and nursing homes, we know that business cleaning in both environments is highly specialized and labor intense.

All Pro Cleaning Systems does clean medical offices and similar facilities. Think family practices, dental practices, independent labs, and the like. In these environments, we need to go deeper than surface cleaning. We also need to use hospital-grade disinfectants to maintain a sterile environment.

The other interesting thing about medical facilities is that there are both public and non-public spaces to worry about. We need to put as much time and effort into a worker break room as we do exam rooms and restrooms. Why? Because medical cleaning needs to account for germ control.

Industrial Cleaning

Moving on, sometimes business cleaning means industrial cleaning. Think factories, warehouses, and other industrial sites where heavy equipment and chemicals are commonplace. Industrial cleaning often involves dealing with grease and oil. It can involve a variety of solvents, acids, and alkalis.

If you ever wanted to start a company offering business cleaning, and variety was important to you, getting into the industrial space would be your ticket. There are so many different scenarios within industrial cleaning that they are impossible to quantify.

Educational Cleaning

We could continue this list endlessly, but we will make educational cleaning the last one. Cleaning private schools and universities is an interesting experience because the spaces are so different. Sure, one restroom is just like the next. But there is something different about cleaning classrooms and lecture halls. And don’t forget libraries.

When all is said and done, business cleaning is a pretty broad topic. The goal for companies like ours is to work closely with each client to get a full understanding of the cleaning requirements. We need to clean each space as though it were the only one of its type.

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