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6 Signs Your Business Isn’t as Clean as It Could Be

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6 Signs Your Business Isn_t as Clean as It Could Be

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Business cleaning is our livelihood. It is our specialty. We have been at this many years, cleaning everything from industrial spaces to offices and retail shops. One thing we’ve learned over the years is that our customers appreciate a good cleaning job. We have also learned how to tell if a business isn’t as clean as it could be.

There are two types of clean: surface clean and deep clean. Not every cleaning session has to be a deep clean. Surface cleaning is adequate most times. But when business cleaning never gets beyond surfaces, a space isn’t getting cleaned as well as it should.

So how do you know your business isn’t as clean as it could be? By paying attention to the following six signs:

1. Employee Avoidance

If nothing else, people are predictable. In a business cleaning environment, people avoid all sorts of messes they don’t want to clean up. Even if it’s just a little bit of dust, people who see it and don’t want to clean it often avoid the space altogether.

If you notice employees seemingly avoiding an area of your business space for no particular reason, it could be dirty space that no one wants to clean. Employees figure that if they never go near the space, they will never be asked to clean it up.

2. You Have to Deep Clean More Often

The frequency with which business cleaning needs to go deep depends on the type of business you are running and how much dirt you generate. That being said, the second sign your business isn’t as clean as it could be is the need to deep clean more often. More frequent deep cleanings suggest that routine surface cleanings aren’t as thorough as they should be. And when that happens, dirt and grime build up more quickly.

3. Clean Floors Still Look Dingy

Look down at the floor under your feet. Does it look dingy even though it was recently cleaned? One of the most prominent signs that surface cleaning isn’t getting it done is being left with a dingy looking floor even after it has been freshly cleaned. Dingy floors are a sign that the method being used to clean them isn’t working. And if the floors aren’t truly clean, what about everything else?

4. Surfaces Still Feel Off

We all know what a clean surface feels like. Touch a clean surface and your skin makes direct contact with it rather than with something else. If the surfaces in your office or business space just feel off – maybe they feel a bit tacky or grimy – they aren’t truly clean. And like dingy floors, surfaces that don’t feel clean signal the potential that your whole space isn’t as cleans it could be.

5. You Smell Strange Odors

Strange odors are another telltale sign of a business that isn’t truly clean. Odors suggest something amiss. They are certainly not something to ignore. Do not assume any space is truly clean if you smell things that don’t belong.

6. Your Guests Complain

The final sign is a no-brainer. If your guests complain that your business seems untidy or a bit dirty, it is definitely not as clean as it could be. Visitors to your business should never have that kind of experience.

If you determine your business isn’t as clean as it could be, it’s time to call All Pro. Business cleaning is what we do. We’ll work with you to come up with a cleaning plan and schedule the guarantees your space is always as clean as it could be.

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