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5 Things Facility Management Companies Know About Cleaning

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5 Things Facility Management Companies Know About Cleaning

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As a commercial cleaning service, All Pro Cleaning Systems often has the opportunity to work with facility management companies. We help them clean and maintain the properties they manage. It is an interesting relationship due to the fact that many of these companies know as much about cleaning as we do. They hire us to save money, make their workforce more efficient, etc.

It’s actually enjoyable to provide commercial cleaning services to clients who understand what cleaning is all about. That being the case, we thought it might be interesting to let our readers in on some things facility management companies know about cleaning. Five such things are discussed below.

1. Cleaning Affects Health and Safety

At first glance, it is easy to assume that keeping a facility clean is only a matter of keeping things tidy and presenting a professional appearance. Tidiness and appearance do matter, but cleaning goes way beyond just those two things. Cleaning has as much to do with health and safety as it does with a facility’s appearance.

A dirty facility is more likely to attract germs. It is more likely to harbor things that can make people ill. It can also be a less safe environment in the sense that certain types of dirty conditions can promote workplace accidents. Chemicals on the floor are a good example.

2. Cleaning Schedules Vary

Facility management companies can manage everything from office buildings to retail spaces. The variety of properties they manage suggests different cleaning schedules for different needs. For example, public restrooms need to be cleaned far more frequently than office storage spaces. Facility management companies know enough to create regular cleaning schedules for each space under management.

3. Cleaning Products and Equipment Matter

If there is one industry that knows the truth behind the old adage that says you need the right tool for the job, it is facility management. Facility management companies invest a lot of money in all sorts of equipment and tools to do what needs to be done. This includes their investments in cleaning products and equipment.

Certain cleaning jobs require specific chemicals. Others require specific equipment. If you do not have the right chemicals and tools for the job, the result will not be what it should be.

4. Proper Training Matters, Too

As important as the right cleaning products and equipment are, they are only as useful as the cleaners who use them. With that in mind, proper training is just as important. Cleaning might seem like a simple job that anyone can do. But it’s not. Commercial cleaning requires a high level of skill along with a clear understanding of the spaces being cleaned.

Along with proper training is proper supervision. Supervision is needed to ensure consistency, effectiveness, and safety. A lack of proper supervision can lead to problems even when workers are highly trained.

5. Cleaning Can Be Expensive

Finally, facility management companies know that cleaning can be expensive. It’s a necessary expense that really can’t be ignored. As a result, companies do their best to manage cleaning budgets to keep costs from spiraling out of control. In many cases, the best bet is to outsource cleaning to a commercial cleaning service.
We have shared these five things with you because they are integral to our business. We are intimately familiar with all five concepts. We incorporate them into every contract we take on. In so doing, we are able to provide world-class commercial cleaning services for all sorts of properties. If you are interested in knowing how All Pro Cleaning Systems can benefit your organization, do not hesitate to contact us.

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