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5 Interesting Things Commercial Cleaners Know About Carpet

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5 Interesting Things Commercial Cleaners Know About Carpet

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The team here at All Pro Cleaning Systems is passionate about creating clean spaces for clients. Whether it is industrial, business, or office cleaning, we want to do it right every single time. That’s only possible if we continue adding to our knowledge base. Take commercial carpet cleaning. There is a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Consider common areas in apartment buildings, hotels, and office buildings. It is not unusual for facility management companies to invest in commercial carpet cleaners to keep the floors in tip-top shape. But do those responsible for cleaning the carpets really know what is going on? Do they really know what they are doing above and beyond pushing a button and guiding a machine across the floor?

Again, there is more to cleaning commercial carpets than meets the eye. To demonstrate the point, here are five interesting things commercial cleaners know all too well:

1. Carpets Have Their Own Ecosystems

Carpets have a tendency to collect dirt, debris, germs, and a variety of tiny critters. Think dust mites. What many people do not realize is that a typical carpet has its own microscopic ecosystem thriving within its fibers. If you could see what was going on inside a carpet through a microscope, you’d probably be surprised.

Professional cleaners understand this ecosystem. They understand that their job is to do more than suck up dirt and remove stains. Disrupting the ecosystem is what it’s all about. That is how you get commercial carpets truly clean.

2. Backlighting Is Like Magic

A commercial carpet can look clean under normal lighting, hiding certain kinds of stains during regular business hours. It is only under proper backlighting that a person can see those otherwise invisible stains. To a professional cleaner, backlighting is like magic. If you want to get commercial carpets as clean as humanly possible, you need to use backlighting.

3. Technology Helps a Lot

The old-fashioned way of cleaning commercial carpets involves a steam cleaner and some pretty harsh chemicals. Steam cleaners can do an adequate job, but there are new ways – methods based on more recent technology – to do a better job in less time.

In short, technology helps a lot. Relying on innovative, tech-based solutions often results in superior cleanliness with less water and no need for harsh chemicals.

4. Some Contaminants Are Tougher Than Others

It is easy to assume a person is talking about stubborn stains when describing how difficult it was to clean the carpet. Indeed, things like coffee and grape juice are problematic from a stain perspective. But there are other contaminants that are even worse. At the top of the list is chewing gum. It can be harder to liberate a commercial carpet from chewing gum than even the worst liquid stain.

5. Be Careful With Those Colors

Finally, professional cleaners are wise to the fact that damaging carpet colors is always a risk. If you have ever wondered why carpet cleaning products come with labels suggesting they be tested on small areas, now you know. The wrong product on the wrong carpet could adversely affect its color. As a side note, professional cleaners also know of carpet cleaning solutions that actually enhance and refresh carpet colors.

Commercial carpets can be extremely difficult to clean. Having the right equipment is just the start. Cleaners also need to know what is going on deep in the fibers of a carpet to truly understand how to clean it. Fortunately, professional cleaners have the knowledge and skill to do it right. They are the clear choice, especially when it comes to heavily soiled carpets.

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