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Easy Ways Your Employees Can Help the Cleaners Do a Better Job

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Easy Ways Your Employees Can Help the Cleaners Do a Better Job

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Paying for commercial cleaning services eliminates the challenge of maintaining an in-house staff to handle routine tasks like cleaning restrooms, vacuuming carpets, and so on. Companies can sign a contract with a cleaning service and forget about it. That said, forgetting about routine cleaning tasks isn’t mandatory. It is not necessarily wise, either.

Whether you are talking business, industrial, or specialized cleaning services, the people who actually come in and clean your facility are challenged every day by the condition in which your employees leave the space. A more challenging cleaning environment makes a cleaner’s job more difficult. Why make it more difficult than it needs to be?

Here are some easy ways your employees can help the cleaning crew do a better job:

1. They Can Pick up After Themselves

When it comes to commercial cleaning services, it is all the little things that add up to create big challenges. Professional cleaners only have so much time in a given shift. Your employees can help maximize that time by cleaning up after themselves. Nothing big, mind you. Something as simple as washing up dirty dishes rather than leaving them in the breakroom sink goes a long way.

In the restrooms, there is no legitimate reason for dropping paper towels or toilet paper on the floor and not picking it up. Restrooms do not have to be as dirty as cleaners often find them.

2. They Can Organize Their Workstations

A challenging issue in business cleaning environments is the disorganized workspace. Cleaners need to do their jobs without disturbing workstations too much, but this is a task often easier said than done. It can be made easier by employees who keep their workstations organized.

You know the old saying, “a place for everything and everything in its place.” Not only is it a well-known proverb, but it is also good advice. Company-wide organization makes it a lot easier for professional cleaners to do their jobs.

3. They Can Put Furniture Back

It is pretty common for office furniture to be moved around to accommodate meetings, collaboration sessions, etc. But it’s also fairly common for employees to move furniture and not put it back when they are done. This only creates more work for cleaners. If a cleaning crew happens to be working on a tight schedule, they may leave out-of-place furniture where it sits and just clean around it.

It’s not too much to ask employees to put the furniture back as they finish up their work. When everything in the office is where it should be, cleaners can come in and do what they need to do more efficiently. That means they can do it better, too.

4. They Can Gather up Tools and Equipment

The industrial cleaning equivalent of office furniture are the many tools and devices workers use to do their jobs. At the end of a shift, gathering up all tools and equipment means giving cleaning crews a less cluttered space to work in. Less clutter also makes for a safer cleaning environment.

We have given you just four easy things employees can do to help professional cleaners do a better job. If you can think of anything else, by all means do it.

Commercial cleaning services do the best they can to turn around dirty spaces before the start of the next shift. But if their jobs are made harder by the environment in which they work, they may not be as thorough as they should be. Your employees can help change the environment by pitching in and doing a few simple things.

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