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Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaning Company: Factors to Consider

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Choosing the Right Commercial Cleaning Company - Factors to Consider

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Hiring professional office cleaning services can transform a business’s workspace into a clean, healthy, and inviting environment. Nevertheless, the experts at All Pro Cleaning Systems tell us that with so many providers to choose from, it can be challenging to select a commercial cleaning company that offers quality services tailored to your facility’s needs. The following key factors will help business owners make the best decision when it comes to outsourcing this critical task.

Evaluate Experience and Specializations 

Look for an established company with experience servicing commercial spaces like yours. Those that specialize in office buildings will be well-versed in sanitizing the high-touch surfaces common in that setting. Medical and healthcare providers, for example, require different protocols and specialized disinfectants to prevent infection transmission. Another example is industrial cleaners, who are equipped to specifically handle shop floors and heavy equipment. So consider both general experience and niche specializations when vetting a provider.

Assess Training and Certifications

Relevant training and industry certifications show commercial cleaners stay current on latest techniques and best practices. Leading trade associations such as the ISSA and The Clean Trust offer training courses and certificates in janitorial cleaning. Employees should hold training relevant to their role, such as blood-borne pathogen procedures for medical cleaners. Certified companies show a higher level of professionalism and competency.

Evaluate Cleaning Plans and Processes

The contractor should walk through your facility and develop a detailed cleaning plan that addresses your specific needs. Avoid those companies that take a one-size-fits-all approach. The best providers customize schedules based on things like traffic patterns, facility layout, high-need areas, and other unique considerations. Their process should be methodical and follow proven protocols that are tailored to different zones like offices, restrooms, communal areas, etc. 

Assess Equipment and Chemicals Used

Using professional-grade equipment and chemicals designed specifically for commercial cleaning is vital. Chemical concentrates need to be diluted to the proper levels for optimal sanitizing and cleaning effectiveness. HEPA vacuums that trap allergens rather than recirculate them as standard vacuums need to be used. Ask about steam cleaning systems that sanitize without chemicals. Quality equipment and chemicals yield superior results much quicker.

Consider Green Cleaning Options

Many companies now focus on environmentally friendly “green” cleaning that uses plant-based chemicals and microfiber cloths that minimize waste. They follow green certification standards for health and sustainability. If reducing environmental impact is important to you, be sure to let your interest in green cleaning be known when selecting a vendor.

Evaluate Added Services

While basic cleaning may be sufficient for some companies, others will need additional services like carpet cleaning, window washing, pressure washing, restoration for water/smoke damage, or disinfecting treatments. If your business has special needs beyond daily janitorial cleaning, look for providers offering those extra services. Some companies even handle things like pest control, landscaping, and waste management for total facility maintenance.

Assess Response to Emergencies  

Even reliable cleaning companies encounter occasional emergencies like plumbing leaks, foul odors, or illness outbreaks. Ask potential vendors how they handle emergencies outside of normal service hours. Are they available 24/7? What is their response time? How do they deal with issues quickly to prevent business disruption?

Check References and Reviews

Speak with a potential cleaning company’s current clients for valuable insight into their quality, professionalism, and reliability. Online customer reviews are another source of transparent feedback. Reliable companies will be only too happy to provide extensive references. Be wary of those reluctant to share client information.


Choosing the right commercial cleaning service requires carefully evaluating experience, methods, equipment, and service capabilities. But taking the time upfront to vet providers thoroughly pays dividends for years through a clean, inviting business environment. A true professional cleaning partner becomes an invaluable asset.

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