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All Pro Cleaning Systems: 4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Cleaning Services Brand

All Pro Cleaning Systems offers quality cleaning, facility services, and maintenance management, making us your all-encompassing facility maintenance solution for the long haul. The founders of All Pro Cleaning Systems have 50-plus years of experience. We’re an established commercial cleaning brand with thorough processes that put our clients’ needs first. We’ve provided our cleaning services to many hundreds of facilities across the country and have many happy customers from every industry, including industrial spaces to medical facilities to hotels and universities.

Here are some more reasons why you should hire a professional cleaning services brand.

We Have the All-in-One Experience

Whether you’re in manufacturing, health care, or commercial office building, All Pro Cleaning Systems can customize a services plan to fit your needs and budget. We offer our clients a vast menu of customized services and provide you with a single point of contact for all of your maintenance needs. You can trust us to manage and provide professional facility and business cleaning services, including sanitizing and disinfecting, giving you more time to focus on your real job.

We make it so you have a single point of contact for your cleaning needs: why deal with multiple contractors when All Pro Cleaning Systems can handle all of your facility and business cleaning requirements? You’ll ask yourself why you didn’t hire a professional cleaning services brand sooner.

Quality cleaning and maintenance services are our business. No more headaches. No more walkthroughs. No more taking bids — more time for you. We handle all of the dirty work for you by offering a custom program for your professional facility, industrial space, business, or hospitality, to name a few, at a competitive price. All Pro Cleaning Systems gives our clients peace of mind in knowing that we will manage everything for you. We make hiring a professional cleaning services brand easy.

We Can Do It All

All Pro Cleaning Systems knows your facility or business is unique and that a cookie-cutter cleaning service approach doesn’t work for everyone. We offer a commitment to quality and a variety of interior and exterior services to meet your needs.

We represent you, the customer, as an extension of your management team. Our services begin with a free facility analysis and customized services program. It’s our dedicated facility services managers that check quality controls systems, provide regular inspections, and oversee the pre-screened and certified service providers we hire. 

We Clean for Your Health

In addition to cold and flu season, COVID-19 has continued to emphasize the importance of preventative disinfection. With the call for exceedingly vigilant efforts along with strict safety protocols and government guidance measures in place, disinfecting the facility or workspace has become a requirement of necessity. The global infection control market expects to see a growth rate of over 6.8%, bringing the market to $308.55 billion by 2027, reports Fior Markets.

All Pro Cleaning Systems knows the importance of quality sanitation services. We go above and beyond, keeping things neat and tidy while keeping your business clean and free from harmful viruses. Determining why you should hire a professional cleaning services brand comes with the peace of mind in knowing that your facility will be as clean as it could be.

Our steps to keep your business safe and healthy include using antimicrobial and antibacterial products where people put their hands. We also use HEPA/ULPA filter vacuums and microfiber tools and equipment to remove more dirt and improve indoor air quality. In addition, All Pro Cleaning Systems offers electrostatic disinfection services, spraying a fine mist of disinfection and barrier protection on every desk item and furniture.

We Offer Quality Assurance

At All Pro Cleaning Systems, we make it easy to stay on top of a cleaning schedule. One of the top reasons why you should hire our professional cleaning services brand is that we provide our customers with a Communication Log Book, so you can easily make minor requests and observations with the cleaning systems crew. This log book is checked daily, and our Facility Services Manager assigned to your facility will conduct regular inspections.

We Care for the Environment

All Pro Cleaning Systems is working hard to reduce our carbon footprint. We recycle and use green equipment, cleaning techniques, and supplies. This means we use environmentally preferable products;  HEPA/ULPA vacuums that remove more dirt and improve the indoor air quality; microfiber cleaning products; economical dispensing systems (portion control); and we recycle whenever possible.

Contact us today to learn more about why you should hire a professional cleaning services brand under the All Pro name. 

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2021 Trend Forecast for Commercial Office Cleaning Companies

One industry expected to do well in 2021 is the cleaning industry. Commercial office cleaning companies are definitely more in demand as companies continue to discover and recognize the importance of clean and sanitary environments for employees. 

Some of the trends we will see in 2021 are the continued focus on green cleaning, increased sanitization due to COVID 19, and an increased focus on customized cleaning for different types of businesses. When researching your options, it’s of importance to consider these trends as you read about different commercial office cleaning companies. Read on to see why All Pro Cleaning Systems is an industry leader when it comes to staying on top of cleaning trends. 

Green Cleaning

Green cleaning has been steadily trending over the last several years, and its popularity is still rising.  Whether it’s protecting vulnerable populations from toxic cleaning chemicals or protecting our environment, we at All Pro Cleaning Systems pride ourselves in researching and using the most effective and current green products, equipment, and techniques. 

Because we prefer to use techniques and equipment that use less water and less electricity, the utility savings are passed on to our clients. Not all commercial office cleaning companies are committed to green cleaning, which makes All Pro Cleaning Systems a smart choice for employers who are passionate about doing their part to ensure the health and well-being of their employees, clients, and the environment.

COVID-19 Conscious Cleaning

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, disinfection and sanitization practices have come under scrutiny. When looking to hire commercial office cleaning companies for their buildings and offices, business owners have become more focused now more than ever on making sure their employees and customers stay healthy and safe. Sick employees and clients can damage business and reputation. 

All Pro Cleaning Systems is committed to using the latest techniques, products, and equipment to fight illness-causing viruses and bacteria in our clients’ facilities. We offer cleaning services customized to your business’ unique cleaning needs.

Customized Cleaning

While some commercial office cleaning companies may take a cookie-cutter approach to cleaning different business facilities, All Pro Cleaning Systems tailors our services to fit your needs. We have experience cleaning within a multitude of different industries, such as office buildings, healthcare offices, and exam rooms, manufacturing facilities, schools, retail stores, and more

We recognize that each business is distinct and may require customized protocols and targeted areas when cleaning, which is why we’ve put together some effective custom cleaning programs for our extensive and diverse range of clientele. 

Another way in which we tailor our services to our clients is by providing expert facility maintenance in addition to our cleaning services. We offer these services hand-in-hand so that you only have to deal with one provider and no additional contractors for routine maintenance tasks. 

Now that you have learned more about how All Pro Cleaning Systems can help you reach your 2021 goal for a clean, safe, and healthy business facility, contact us to get a free quote!